Humiliation Phone Sex Experience with Raven

Hey there little dick – are you up for some humiliation of the worst kind?  Exploring small penis humiliation and cream pie phone sex with callers is always a blast.  Dante is one of my naughty cuck callers, I keep around for fun.  I usually don’t give him a chance to speak, because I always have his mouth filled with something.  I especially love when he is using his mouth sucking a big black dildo. He loves all the humiliation and mind fucking I reward him with, as we live out his fantasy of being my cuckold cum dumpster.  “Are you ready for the BBC mind fuck ever?” I laugh, as the journey begins to hell.  Just like ALL little dick men, he yanks his pathetic tiny dick, while we explore all his fetishes of small dick humiliation, Big Black Cock (BBC) and cream pie.

Stimulating Danta’s shrimp size dick didn’t take very much work.  What do you expect from a little dick man with no self-esteem?  The minute I answered the phone, my tantalizing voice stimulates his peanut cock and makes his little man stand at attention. “Hello Little Dick Dante!” I would say, as I answered the phone.  “How did you know I have a cream pie pussy waiting for you?”  His little dick twitched with excitement.   Someone was going to pay attention to him and feed his pathetic hunger.  I started to describe to him my earlier Big Black Cock fuck adventure with my caramel chocolate lover Rayvon. His voices trembled with pure excitement.

I could hear him almost sucking and licking the phone, as I continued with the kinky details.  Let me tell you Dante I continued taunting hims with the details.  “Rayvon fucked me for hours. I couldn’t get enough of his huge 11 inch cock going in and out of me. I even screamed at one time fuck me deeper.  Fill my tight little hole with your throbbing cock.”  My clit twitched with excitement, as I described Rayvon’s king size black cock and his bull like balls slapping against me.  Thrusting himself deeper and harder until he filled my pussy with a cream pie dessert.

I continued taunting him “Are you hungry Dante? Do you want a taste of my creamy snatch?  I want you to lick every ounce of the cum out of me.  I commanded him.  It didn’t take long before he started begging and pleading “Please Mistress, sit on my face.  I want you to smother me.  Make my face your throne and feed me your creamy cum.  Make my face a glazed doughnut, covered in your glistening juices and BBC cum.”  He began slurping every ounce of cum.  Almost like a hungry animal that hasn’t been fed in days.  I couldn’t stop laughing!

Ready to explore the ultimate humiliation – little clit dick meets Big black cock?  We can explore all your naughty XXX fantasies or fetishes with no limitations. A sexy roleplay or story  – cheating wife, sexy mommy or horny sister getting fucking in your bed while you watch.  <wicked lil laugh>  I always love cuckolding pathetic little men.  Are you ready to explore your kinky fetish together?  Let me be your one sexy secret, your secret temptress or mistress. Ready for some free phone sex minutes added to all paid calls – mention Masturbation 5 – call me now so we can play. Anything goes phone sex. Call me – I’m waiting to begin your next sexual adventure. Are you ready for the journey to pleasure and back? Let’s do it together!! Endless opportunities of pleasure are yours for the taking. Let me trigger your inner XXX pleasures. Always remember – Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Call me and Let’s cum together. I’m waiting for you now.


Raven for humiliation phone sex

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