I met this couple and reached a point with them where I was humiliating two subs.

I had no experience with humiliating two subs, but I had already been dominating and playing around with them. Recently, I have discovered the wonderful and attentive world of online hookup apps. There are many pros and cons. It can run a little unsafe for a ninety-pound little girl like me, you never know if you are going to get what was promised, and many people do not have the conviction to see anything through. With anonymity comes cowardice. However, it is, for the most part, excellent — a voice for those who hide. I am certainly not lonely or desperate as are many of the weasely me I find on there; I am looking for something new. I like new things.

Something different! I want a jaw-dropping!  Something about experiencing the unexperienced just gets me off. I craved something fresh and revitalizing or taboo and shocking. Because I wanted casual sex, I created a profile that said I was looking for casual, drama free, fun. As I had mentioned in my previous blog, I encountered a submissive couple. Once we started talking, I got both their numbers and started texting them both through a group message. My relationship has sort of grown with them, as we are now full-on friends with benefits. Many weekends, they come over to my house, and we play. Last week, in particular, I focused more on the humiliating two subs idea than the dominating two subs idea.

They were a bit younger than me, so I could use the age card on them.

They were both much taller than me. Surprise, surprise. Who isn’t? I ordered the guy to undress the girl in front of me. I already had my drawer full of toys at hand. Once she was fully naked, I had her bend over my knees again. I grabbed her by the hair, pulled her head back, and kissed her neck. Then, I told the guy, “I’m going to violate your girlfriend, and there is nothing you can do about it. I know you like it when I violate her. You can’t stop me ’cause you fucking like it.” Then I told him to pull his dick out. He tried to test me and asked what if he refused. Tsk tsk tsk. I told him if he refused, I fuck his girlfriend with a strapon so extensive, that she would never be able to feel his dick again.

Of course, he complied. I picked up his girlfriends panties and tied them around his balls so that he was able to remember his place. Then, I told her to suck only the tip of his cock. I instructed her to nurse on it. Then I took out one of my more significant vibrators and caked it in oil. I told her boyfriend to look into her eyes and see if he could guess what I was doing to his girlfriend. I rubbed her clit with one hand and pressed the vibrator into the opening of her pussy. Then, I leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Nod if you want me to make you my little fuck toy. Nod if you want me to use all of your holes.” She nodded. I nibbled on her collar bone and moved the vibrator across her taint to her ass.

I gave it a little twist at the opening, then moved it back and forth across her taint a few more times. Each time letting the vibrator rest at the opening of the opposite hole.

I looked at the guy and asked his girl, “You fucking like it when I use you, don’t you? I think your boyfriend likes it when I use you too. He loves it when I violate you, and you are going to cum while I violate you. I wrapped my hand around her throat gently as leverage, and in one slow slide, I pushed the vibrator all the way to the base inside of her tight ass. I whispered to her, “Your boyfriend is going to watch me slide in and out of your ass, and cum from it.” I turned the vibrator on and slid it in slow, steady strides while her boyfriend came in her mouth. While I rubbed her clit, I made her hold her boyfriend’s fresh load in her mouth until she came with me fucking her ass. Humiliating two subs was far better than one.

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humiliating two subs