I met this couple who asked me if I was ok with dominating two subs.

I had no experience with dominating two subs at once, but I figured, how hard could it be? Recently, I have begun using hookup apps. So, I have discovered the world of online sex. It is beautiful. Now, I did not get into this because I am lonely or desperate because by no means are either of those true. I got into these apps because I am looking for something new. Something different! Something to shock me! I feel like I have done it all sometimes, and I want a spicy new interaction. Something about newness gets me off. I feed off of the nervousness of my opponent. Your heart will never again beat as fast and as hard as it does with the first date/ first fuck excitement.

I revel in the feeling. However, as of recently, I have been craving something newer. Something fresh and revitalizing or taboo and shocking. Anything to get my socks off. So, I joined several dating apps. Although they are more commonly known as hookup apps. I wanted casual sex. I created a profile that said I was looking for casual, drama, free, fun. Once the profile was created, I scrolled for days to no avail! I found many, and I mean many, propositions, but nothing that sang out to me. Finally, I found one that I had not yet considered — unicorn hunting. I had never heard of that before. Apparently, it is when a couple seeks out a single person to have a threesome with them.

This interaction could have leaned on the vanilla side except their profile specified that they were interested in BDSM and that they were both submissive.

We matched, so that meant that we could chat through the app’s messenger. Once we started talking, I got both their numbers and started texting them simultaneously through a group message. They both discussed how their sex life was difficult because they both were quite submissive. I informed them that I had a wide array of domination experience as well as a big drawer of toys. They said that they would bring over some toys too. We set a date and time, and in between, we exchanged nudes and videos. I have one of him cumming on her tits saved on my phone still. They both came over to my house and looked nervous as fuck for there being two of them.

I poured them both two shots and ordered the strip naked.

Whoever moved slower received punishment, I began to like the whole dominating two subs thing! The girlfriend. I told her to come over to me and to bend over my knee in front of her boyfriend. I began rubbing her ass and made her boyfriend watch while stroking his cock. Then, I ran my hand over her ass lightly and then played with the opening of her asshole a bit. He looked like he was going to burst already! I spread her ass so that he could see her asshole and then proceeded to spank it. I spanked her 20 times, 10 for each cheek. Just enough to make her red. Then, I began fingering her asshole. When her boyfriend looked like he was going to blow, I made him jerk it and aim at her face.

With one finger in her asshole, I slid the other into her pussy and rubbed her clit with my thumb. She looked like she was getting close too. I could tell by how wet her pussy was, and I could feel her clit throb beneath my thumb. I rubbed and fingered harder and demanded he holds back till I told him. Finally, I heard her breath hitch and felt her pussy and asshole squeeze my fingers. I demanded he cum, and it was as if a demon was being exorcised from his cock. His whole body thrust forward, aiming at her face, and she erupted too. I felt her pussy pulse as the liquid ran out all along with my fingers. Some people just need a little bit of instruction. Who knew dominating two subs would feel so empowering!

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dominating two subs