Humiliated Sissy: LET’S GO SHOPPING! (Part 2)

My humiliated sissy was getting fit for a bra in the last portion of our story.

I held her arms up for the Victoria’s Secret employee to measure her “tits” so that everyone in the store could see. My humiliated sissy turned bright red, looking down at the floor as the room filled with giggles. She was so embarrassed, completely helpless to my teasing and games. Her little clitty was getting harder by the second as more and more women began to whisper and the employee laughed, making jokes and saying things like, “you’re even too small for a training bra!”

“We’ll just have to stuff one of these bigger ones for her then, don’t you think she would look good with big tits like me?” I said with a coy smile on my face.

I picked out a matching set of lingerie, one for me and one for my little sissy bitch. Then I shoved the panties and bras into her arms, making her carry them with one hand while I forcefully pulled her towards the changing room by the other. We wait in line while she stared at the floor.Finally we make our way into one of the changing rooms. I make my sissy sit and watch me try on the baby pink, lace and silk panties and matching push up bra. Looking at myself in the mirror, I could see her little eyes bashfully take me in.

“Now it’s your turn…” I said, as I took a seat on the bench, “strip.”

She hesitantly began to take off her masculine clothes until she was completely naked in front of me. I handed her the panties, which she slid over her legs before tucking her tiny little cock into them. Next I told her that it was time to try on her bra. She put it on and struggled to fasten it in the back, so I stood behind her and did it, before stuffing the cups with her socks…

This isn’t the end of our story, the fun has only just begun. Stay tuned for PART THREE later this week.

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