My humiliated sissy will do whatever I say!

She loves the way I tease. She loves the nasty little games I play. My humiliated sissy wants to make me happy and her embarrassment brings me so much joy. We are quite the pair and we always have a lot of fun together.

It was her birthday on Friday so I decided to do something special together. I took my little sissy bitch shopping so that we could buy matching panties and bras from Victoria’s Secret. It was a busy evening so the store was full of women and girls shopping for lingerie. The employees greeted us as we walked in, assuming that I was the one looking for undies… soon they would find out that underneath those masculine clothes my “boyfriend” was actually a sissy bitch.

I held up panties to my sissy and talk loudly so that the women around us turn and look. I laughed and ask, “which color do you like better in these, black or pink?”

It doesn’t take long before an employee approached us and asked if I would like to be fitted.

I know that it would turn my sissy on to see another woman measuring my tits, feeling my body and telling me how big and beautiful my breasts were so I said yes. I held out my arms and gave my little bitch a smirk, quietly mouthing “you’re next” so that the employee didn’t notice.

When she was all finished, she announced that I am a 36 D and asked if I would like help with anything else? I tell her, “Yes– I need you to measure HER!” and extend my arm to point at my humiliated sissy.

The employee turned and started laughing. She laughed even harder when I lifted up my sissy’s arms and told her “I am serious… what do you think a -D cup?”


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