I had my humiliated sissy all dressed up in the changing room of Victoria’s Secret.

She and I were wearing matching panties and push up bras. They were a vibrant raspberry color with black lace decorating the edges. She looked hot… smoking hot. I loved standing behind her while I made her look at herself in the mirror, gently reaching around her to run my fingers over her stuffed tits. I wanted my humiliated sissy to see how much I was enjoying this too.

“Do you feel sexy?” I asked her…

Her face was bright red, but after a few moments she looked up into the mirror and whispered “yes.”

I know that the embarrassment turns her on, so I didn’t want her to get too comfortable. It was her birthday, after all, I wanted to give her an experience she wouldn’t forget ALL YEAR. Just as she began to relax into the lingerie, I reached behind myself and unlatched the door to the changing room. Her face went white as I flicked a devilish smile at her and cracked it open.

“Please mistress, shut the door!” She begged as she backed into the corner of the changing room.

I grabbed her by the shoulders and shoved her through the slightly ajar door into a room full of women. Then I went out after her and shut the changing room door behind us and watched her as she stood their shaking. I had her cell phone ready to record everything, holding it out as I leaned against the door and watched.

There was a beautiful pause, a deafening silence just before the women burst into a tidal wave of laughter. She helplessly looked around, trying to cover her little clitty that was growing harder by the second. Women pointed and laughed as I stood their smiling, capturing the whole thing.

This was my little gift to her, a keepsake to watch over and over again until next year when I think of an even BETTER birthday surprise.

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