You think you know how to fuck? We’ll see… This is how to have sex my way…

Of course, you might know how to have sex.  Shove that wiener into that twat and get to thrusting until you bust your nut.  I got news for you, buddy.  That’s not how I do it.  Sure, I’m a big fucking fan of the way my cuckold husband and I do things, but let’s just talk about one on one, good old-fashioned fucking.

First, you must start at the beginning, and peel my clothes off of me, kissing and licking as you do so.  When you hear a soft moan pass through my lips you will know you’re on the right track.  Gently kiss my lips and pull me tightly against your body so that I can feel your cock swelling to life against me.

Then, I wrap my lips around that stiff cock.  I love to taste a nice hard horny cock throbbing in my mouth.  All I want is to please that dick.  Just feeling it moving in and out of my mouth makes my pussy tingle and moisten.  Then, once my little cunt is awake and hungry, it must be licked and kissed.  I want your face buried between my thighs lapping up my juices as you get my tight little hole wetter and wetter.

You’re going to make me want that cock so damn bad.

Next, I climb on top of you and start teasing my pussy with your rock hard dick.  The head will rub against my clit and back to my wet and ready slit.  When I’m practically begging for you to be inside me, you’ll thrust up into me, filling me.  I’ll grind myself down onto you until I feel that familiar delicious sensation start to build, and then cum violently around your dick.

Obviously, this is just for starters.  Check back for more or call your phone sex goddess today!

Best Phone Sex!