You’re gonna want to read part two of how to have sex my way.  This is how you give me what I want…

I started telling you how to have sex my way.  Did you pay attention?  Your pop quiz will be coming once you pop a rod.  There is always room for creativity.  I bet you have favorite sex positions and acts of your own, but this is how I do it.

Once you have me panting from a good hard orgasm, I’d like you to flip me over and slip inside me I want to watch that thick cock stretching me out and making me moan and groan with every thrust. Rub your fingers around my pussy.  Feel how wet your hard dick is making me.  Then take a finger, slippery with my juices, and press it against my puckered little asshole.

Press into that tight little ass with every inward shove of our cock.  Tease that naughty hole and make me beg for your finger inside it.  Then, when I’m pleading for you to penetrate my itty bitty booty hole, slide that wet finger inside. feel that tight sphincter tense and relax around you.  Finger fuck my ass while you pound my hungry little pussy until I cum, and you can feel me contracting around you.  Once your cock is all creamy and dripping wet from my juices I want you to pull it from my happy clam and press the head against my horny little ass.

Guide it in nice and slow.

Feed your cock into my ass bit by bit.  Work it in and out, stretch me to fit your fat cock.  Once you’ve hit your stride I start to push back against you.  I’ll work my asshole up and down your dick, milking it, and begging for your hot gooey load.  Just as I feel that pleasure building again and begin to cum,  you’re going to fill my hole up with cream and we’ll collapse from exhaustion… until it’s time for round two…

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