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I’m throwing a little soiree, a cuckold party.  I love guiding my cuckold husband, but sometimes… it truly is the more, the merrier.

Invitations are addressed and stamped and ready to be sent out for my little cuckold party.  I’m having a little get together with all my favorite cocks and cucks.  We are going to start the evening with a little assembly line.  All of my big dicked stallions standing shoulder to shoulder and my slutty cock sucking cucks down on their knees, doing what I want them to, sucking cock like good little whores.  I’ll let each of my little dick sucking sluts take a few moments licking and sucking and slurping those big veiny pork swords.  Then, I’ll ring my bell as the cue for the cucks to shuffle down the line.  Moving onto the next cock.

Obviously, I want their hungry little mouths pleasing those cocks just for me.  Then, when they’ve all taken their turn I’ll have them all circle around me and watch as those bulls take turns caressing my perfect body.  I want their hands worshiping my flesh, warming me up.  Nipple pinching, clit flicking, butthole teasing.

I want to be dripping wet and horny beyond belief.

Then, when I’m all kinds of hot and bothered, the studs and I are going to put on a really hot show for all my good little cuckies.  Real men, manly men are going to take me, and I want witnesses.  Worthy dick will be stretching and pounding my horny little fuck holes.  Then, as those thick slabs of cockmeat take their turns and start spilling their seed in and on my sweaty ravaged body, my good little helpers can come forward one at a time and clean up the mess left behind.

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