Have you ever been so horny you literally cannot even wait to get tot he bedroom? That’s what happened the other night with me and my boyfriend. I’d invited him over for dinner, we were actually going to cook together and then play after, but things got a little heated in the kitchen and I didn’t even want to wait for us to walk up to my bedroom.

One min we were laughing and chopping up vegetables and the next he was behind me rubbing my tits and kissing my neck. He lifted me up to the counter and I started rubbing my already wet pussy as he started to stroke that magnificent cock of his getting it ready for my pussy. I can’t get enough of his dick, in my mouth, in my cunt, between my tits. After he got hard, he came over to the counter and fucked me with me sitting on the edge and my legs wrapped around him. After we fucked, I got down and got the can of whipped cream and squirted some of that gorgeous cock of his and licked it off, with my pussy juices of course, fuck he makes me cum like no one else!

Fucking and food can be a fun combination for sure, he used some of the whipped cream on my cunt too, and licked it all out. We finally did make it to the bedroom and I rode his tongue for him to get the last bits of whipped cream out of me, he licks pussy like nobody’s business, I came all over his face as he slithered that expert tongue inside of me and drove me wild, making me wetter than you could imagine. He says I taste even better than the whipped cream!

I am always looking for hot ,sexy tips for sex in the kitchen .. or any unusual places you had sex in.

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