For those of you that read my last blog entry,  “Hot Stranger Sex at TGI Friday’s” – here is another little tidbit for you to savor!
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exerpt from “Stranger Sex” Part 1: 

His impressively thick cock springs free as I tug those pants and boxers down. He looks around nervously and I laugh again as I look up at him. I whisper one word, very softly. A question.


Without a word he tangles his hand in the back of my hair,  pulling my bright, shiny, cocksucker-red painted mouth right down onto his hard cock! I gulp it down my throat like an eager little slut, inch after delicious inch; until my chin is resting on his balls. I look up at him, and the look on his face makes me want to take it deeper! -my eyes water and I gag a little. THAT must have hit his “pride in my big dick” button, because now his eyes are rolling back in his head and he’s full on fucking my face and moaning loudly.

I smile a secret smile around his cock, because now I know – I have him.

Hot stranger dick sucking leads to hot stranger sex! My soaking wet pussy is FINALLY about to be satisfied! YESSSS! I want this beautiful stranger’s cock inside me. NOW! And I want…No, NEED!! For it to be a hot, dirty fuck!

I jerk my mouth away from his cock, smiling at the way my red lipstick is smeared all over it. I stand up and slowly unbutton my jeans, sliding them down my hips. For the first time, he realizes that I want him to have wicked hot stranger sex with me. He’s gonna get the pussy! Once my jeans are off, he takes me roughly by the arm and shoves me into one of the bathroom stalls. Like that’s gonna help in a men’s room- no doors!

If someone comes in – we’re busted, regardless! But hopefully I can make HIM bust before that happens! He bends me over in front of him, with my hands on the back of the toilet, and whispers in my ear as his cock shoves roughly into me. “You’re a dirty little whore. And now you’re going to get fucked like one!” I merely moan in reply and grind my hot little pussy back against his cock even harder – taking it even deeper.

I’m gasping and moaning,  and grinding back against his cock with everything I’ve got – when the bathroom door opens! 

Was it his boss?
Another random stranger that wants to join in on our hot, stranger sex fun?

CALL ME and find out. 🙂

Phone Sex