Hot Sex In A Tropical Paradise Alone With My Love For A Dream Vacation is incredible.

Thinking the day might never come where we would be in each others arms standing on the beach together. Loving every moment we share with our toes playing in the sand. Watching the sun set after another day in paradise leads us to having super Hot Sex. Having sex this amazing once means every time we have sex it needs to at least shoot for this level of fun.

Creating Hot Sex Stories moment to moment because we are so connected. Realizing that this doesn’t just happen. Falling in love with someone so quickly blows our minds. Thanking our lucky stars we think back to the days of Phone Sex, and how much fun we always have. Making even more magical moments a reality with us thrusting into another with passion and lust combined. Having so much sexual drive and energy is something that needs to be paired and we fit perfectly into that category.

Craving you every second we’re on this trip in heaven together reminds me of just how lucky I am to have you here at my side. Making love on the loose wet sand I have flashes of us in different countries having the hottest Sex On The Phone together. Wanted that incredible time to come where our lives would intertwine. Waiting out the long nights hoping this moment would come. Living in this dream moment now of you throbbing inside of me and telling me I’m your woman.

Feeling you take me in so many ways right here. Having public sex is exciting and liberating. Dreaming of this day lasting forever in standstill time only for us. Letting all these emotions come up and letting them soar into the last speck of this tropical sunset. Seeing where all of this goes.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke