Latex is one of my favorite things to wear and Hot Sex Stories Happen when I wear it.

 Latex feels so good stretched over my body and I love the sound it makes when someone spanks me. I was in the mood to make Hot Sex Stories happen tonight.

 My nipples were getting hard thinking about it and I decided that it was time for a little dress up.
 I have a sexy black latex catsuit that I only wear on special occasions and found it at the back of my closet. I got so excited as I got naked and began slipping it on.
The tight, slick latex pulled on my skin as I wiggled into it. I zipped it up and ran my hands over my body, feeling how sleek and restrained it made me. Oh yeah, Hot Sex Stories were about to happen.
 I texted a pic to Jordan and told him to get his ass over here now before I chose someone else. Lying in bed waiting for him I closed my eyes as I touched myself. Squeezing my tits through the latex I pretended it was him.

 I wanted to be fucked but later on, first I wanted his big strong hand smacking my ass and I wanted his hard dick filling my mouth and choking me.

I imagined every little detail and almost didn’t want to stop when he knocked on my door but I let him in. This was going to be one of the best sex stories ever.

 He held me close, pressing his hand into my latex covered body as we went to the bedroom.  I helped him get naked before putting my hands on his shoulders and pushing him down on the bed.

He sat there as I laid on his lap, his hard dick under me. I wiggled a few times to give it some attention then looked over my shoulder as I asked him to spank me hard. 

I held his knee as he rubbed his hand on my ass then lifted it so he could spank me. It landed on me with a sharp crack and a light throbbing started on my ass cheek. He was just warming up and the next smacks were harder and faster.

I kept thinking about Hot Sex Stories and my latex Fetish and got wetter and wetter.

 I loved the sound his spanks were making.  My pussy soaked the crotch of the catsuit as my body shook as he smacked me again and again. When my ass was throbbing and fiery hot I slid off his lap and knelt between his legs.

 Fondling his balls I stroked his dick, listening to the moans he made.  I held him as I licked all over his dick and around his head before putting my lips around it. Looking up at him as I swallowed him whole, fighting my gag reflex as he hit the back of my throat.

 I sucked him slowly, going to his base before up to his head. Pumping his dick as I sucked near his head I felt his balls inch up in my other hand. I went faster as he put his hand on my head, holding me down as his dick bruised my throat.

 It was hard to breathe and I gagged as he thrust forward, forcing me to take it. My lips were stretched around him as I moved non-stop and when he came I choked as it shot down my throat.

I slid him out of my mouth then stood up, licking my lips clean as I grabbed the zipper. I tugged it down, showing him my tits as the catsuit opened. From the way he was looking at me I knew we were only just getting started. I wondered what would happen if there was a Vacbed involved.