I have a Fetish for latex.

 I’ve been a good girl lately and my naughty Fetish side has been dying to get out. I didn’t know what I wanted though so I went online and had a bunch of guys message me. Most of them I ignored, I was looking for the right dirty boy with the right Fetish and finally found him.

 His name was Jake and he had a latex Fetish which reminded me I had a black latex catsuit shoved in the back of my closet. It was time to wear that baby again.

 It’s been ages since I last wore it and I had totally forgotten how hot I look in it. I really need to wear it more. Putting it on slowly I got all excited as it slid and tugged on my skin.

My nipples were pointy bumps and I loved how the latex stretched across my body.

It makes me feel so sexy, I couldn’t wait for my date. When I wear latex I know I’m going to have Hot Sex Stories!

 I had to meet him here because he lives with his girlfriend and has no idea what a freak she’s dating. He isn’t cheating on her with me, he made that clear in his message. We weren’t going to fuck, he just wanted to touch me and get off so he’s not doing anything bad. Lol, whatever. Leaving as soon as she went to work  I wondered how many red lights he sped through to get to me. He sounded so horny and desperate in his messages.

 I let him in and tried to take him to the bedroom but he wanted to stay in the living room. Maybe the bedroom felt too much like cheating. I sat on the arm of the couch and leaned back, stretching my legs in front of me so he could get a good look. He took his clothes off, sat down and pulled me onto his lap.

The latex rubbed against his thigh and he held me close as he ran a hand up my thigh while he kissed my neck.

 I reached down and wrapped my hand around his dick. Slowly I stroked him and felt him get hard as he kept touching me. I went a bit faster and his fingers squeezed into me as he breathed faster. I brushed my thumb over his head and smeared pre-cum over it as he twitched. He thrust his hips up into my fist and I could feel him throbbing as he cupped one of my tits.

 I thought he was about to cum but he stopped for a second and pushed me off him. He made me kneel on all fours on the couch and he started rubbing his body against mine. Humping into me, he was groaning as his dick slid on my ass. He put his arms around me and had one hand between my legs and the other one by my tits. I stayed still for him and wished I could see him because we must have looked so kinky. He let go of my tit and I could hear him grunting as he quickly tugged on his dick, pushing himself over the edge.

 Jake came all over my ass and I knew it was dripping down the shiny black latex as he sat back to catch his breath. While he got dressed and I asked if he wanted to come over again next week to satisfy his Fetish. He said yes and I went to clean my latex catsuit because I wanted it to look good for him.

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