Do you have a latex fetish and love all things shiny and rubbery? Then you HAVE to try a Vacbed.

Kelly is a kinky little girl and the other day she invited me over to her place for a threesome. It was hot and even though I was very distracted by the big dick that our boy had I still managed to see a sheet of latex peeking out from under the bed. The next day I asked her what it was and she said that it was a Vacbed. I’d never heard of it before and she told me all about it. After that, I had to try it for myself.

 I went to her place one night when she had other plans and found her bed pushed against the wall and the Vacbed in the middle of the room.

Alex was on his way over to play with me so while I was waiting for him I changed into a short black latex dress and black heels.

I didn’t bother wearing any panties and the latex stretched across my body, making me feel so sexy and horny.

I couldn’t wait for him to get there and when he did I practically dragged him to the bedroom. His eyes got wide as he saw the Vacbed lying there and I stood in front of him with my hands on my hips. “Take your clothes off and be quick, I wanna play.”

He took his clothes off, dropping them on the floor and I crouched down.

The Vacbed was two pieces of latex connected on one side like a sleeping bag and I threw one corner open so Alex could get inside it.

His dick was starting to get hard as he climbed into it, the latex tugging on his skin as he wiggled himself lower.

I made sure his mouth was under the air hole and that he was ready for the next part. I held the two sheets of latex together and zipped them up before going over to the controls and switching it on. The vacuum sucked the air out and the latex stretched over him, making his body stand out in shiny blackness.

The bulge of his dick popped the latex out and when he was sealed up tight I started touching him. I put my hands on his chest, rubbing him and ignoring his dick; he could wait for that.

I slid my hands over him, pressing my fingers into the latex so he could feel it even more against his skin.

Doing it slowly, going past his chest I rubbed down to his thighs. I could hear him moaning and the Vacbed jiggled as he tried to move. I put my hand over his dick and squeezed it before rubbing it up and down. “You like that, don’t you?” I asked and gradually rubbed him harder and faster, making him rock hard and dying for more.

It must have been driving him crazy not to touch it. The latex felt hot under my fingers as I squeezed and pressed my fingers into him while my other hand rubbed over his lower stomach. I kept going until I was beyond horny then stopped.

 I stood up and looked at my latex sealed toy lying there and my throbbing pussy gushed, making even more juices leak down my inner thighs. He was still moaning and I decided to put his mouth to better use.

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