Latex makes me feel so sexy and naughty.

The way the Latex stretches over me and the way the light shines on it drives me crazy and I can’t stop running my hands over my body. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and when I got home I went straight to the closet, taking out my black latex catsuit and matching black Latex gloves.

I put them on, the Latex tugging my skin and getting me all worked up as it slid over my curves. It felt tight on me like it was part of my skin and when I put the gloves on I felt sexy and hornier than I had in ages. Texting Owen I told him to come over because I had a surprise for him. We were going to have Hot Sex Stories together.

I was wearing a long robe when he got to my place so all he could see wear my gloves and my black boots.

I knew he was wondering if I was naked or if the Latex continued underneath the robe as he stared at me and I took him to the bedroom so I could put him out of his misery.

Untying the robe I took it off slowly, showing my entire outfit which made his eyes practically pop out of his head. I let it drop to the floor and pushed him down on the bed then knelt beside him. The top of my tits were peeking out of the catsuit and I put a hand on his chest, teasingly sliding it over him.

I moved across his chest, rubbed one of his nipples then kept going down. I gripped the base of his dick with one hand and used my other one to slide a finger up and down his shaft. He twitched and I gave it a few jerks, the Latex pulling on him and making him gasp.

His thighs tensed up and I did it again then stopped. He watched as I sighed and touched myself, going from my head down to my pussy.

I reached down and grabbed the small zipper, slowly bringing it up as the latex split open and exposed my pussy.

Opening it just enough to fuck him he stared at my juicy slit surrounded by latex. I straddled him and leaned forward, lying on top of him so all he could feel was my latex covered body. Slowly I moved on top of him, rubbing it over him as his hard dick got pressed between us.

I pushed myself up and reached down, holding his dick still as I put my pussy over it. Going down, his dick filling me and making me groan. I put my hands on his lower stomach and pressed down, using him to balance myself as I started to ride him.

I went up and down, his dick sliding and rubbing my pussy as it gushed. He touched me, his hands going to my ass and squeezing my cheeks. He lifted my ass, forcing me to fuck him faster and my pussy tightened around him.

I gasped and cried as his big dick stretched and filled me, pushing me to the edge. I came suddenly and pushed down, impaling myself on his dick. He jerked his hips up and came a few seconds later.

 I climbed off him and brushed my hair out of my face as I sat beside him, stretching my legs out so they touched the side of his thigh. I propped my head up with one hand and put a hand on his chest as I tried to catch my breath, my tits pushing against the front of my catsuit.

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