I Love Sexual Variety A Lot

I love sexual variety a lot. The fact is, I sleep with a lot of guys. Well, truth be told there’s not a lot of actual sleeping that goes on, if you know what I mean. I was entertaining a few weeks ago. While I was getting fucked by my man du jour, I happened to notice my neighbor watching. His bedroom window faces mine, and he was watching me have hot sex and not even trying to hide. I just continued on enjoying myself, not minding there was an audience. And  I didn’t let on to the guy I was fucking, he might not have enjoyed being watched like I did. I always did have an exhibitionist streak. He probably thought I was cheating on my boyfriend but I didn’t care.

I Knew He Was Watching Me Have Hot Sex

From that point on, I made sure to leave the lights on. The curtains wide open to make sure he had an unobstructed view should be watching. He obviously knew I knew. We’d locked eyes a few times as I was getting fucked by all these guys. He worked from home, and I knew the name of his business, so I looked it up online. I sent him an email telling him I liked knowing he was watching. That he was welcome to do more than watch.

I Was Wearing Sexy Lingerie

It was quite bold to do such a thing really. Later that night, one of the few nights I was not entertaining in the last few weeks. He knocked on my door. I had a feeling he might show up. I was dressed in some very sexy lingerie when I answered the door. He said he’d liked my email. Did I have any idea how many times he’d gotten off while watching me have hot sex with other men. He then reached over and grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me into a passionate kiss. We were soon headed for the bedroom and I was laid back on the bed waiting for him. He peeled my lingerie off and then stripped down himself.

I Was Pleased To See His Dick Was Nice

I was pleased to see he had a nice cock, it didn’t take long before it was in my mouth.  And I sucked on that dick until he was gasping with pleasure. My cunt grew so wet doing that to him, as it always does when I suck dick. I got as much into my mouth as I could and fondled his balls. I then got him on his back in bed and straddled him. Helping to ease that big cock into my dripping pussy. We soon found a rhythm to our fucking, rocking back and forth. His hands all over my breasts and rubbing my nipples.

I was panting like a bitch in heat, thinking of him having watched me so many times before. I clenched my cunt muscles around his cock, milking him into me. And I could feel myself about to go over the edge to orgasm. I crashed and came all over his cock and he soon went off inside of me himself. We lay there catching our breath, just enjoying the moment. He said he was finally glad he got his turn. I need to leave the lights on more often.

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