I Was Looking For A Good Massage And Ended Up Cheating

I’d been having a lot of stress at work and I was holding it all in my neck and shoulders. My muscles were as tight as a drum and even my boyfriend could feel it. And he suggested I give his brother a call. Since he’s been a licensed massage therapist for over a year now and he thought he could help me relax. I’d always liked his brother the few times I’d met him. But didn’t know him well, so I agreed to go and see what he could do. I sure never imagined things would turn out as they did. With me cheating on my boyfriend.

I went to his office and undressed and laid on the table with a sheet over me. And he came in and started to work on my tight muscles . I did feel bettercheating Dana2 and more relaxed right away, his hands were magic and I was glad I’d come.His hands were like magic on my ass. He really seemed to concentrate on my tight little butt.It was doing more than working on my ass muscles and I couldn’t help having moaning in a sexual way.
We casually chatted away and then when I rolled over for him to work on my front. His fingertips brushed my pussy when he was working on my thighs. And I thought it was an accident, but I soon learned it was no accident at all.

I Didn’t Put Up A Fight At All

I can’t say I put up much of a fight either. He gently parted my thighs and started to caress my pussy and I was already wet. I don’t know why I didn’t stop him. I guess it’s as simple as because it felt so good and I didn’t want it to stop. He asked if I’d like him to continue. And I nodded yes and he started to get undressed and soon he was climbing on top of my oiled body.

He was rubbing himself against me and using his hands in ways I’d never had on me before. I reached out to him and kissed him, running my fingers though his hair. My boyfriend, his brother, the furthest thing from my mind. The boyfriend I was cheating on. I’m such a naughty girl for allowing it to continue. But I just felt so good and it seemed so natural.

He Moved Teasingly Slow

His cock slipped into me so effortlessly. As if it was the most normal thing in the world to be getting fucked on a massage table all oiled up.And by someone I hardly knew and that just also happened to be my boyfriend’s brother. I gripped his ass cheeks and pulled him into me even closer and it felt wonderful.

He didn’t go fast, he went teasingly slow. Almost making me beg for him to speed up, he had a really calm way about him. But very good at fucking for sure. My juicy cunt was sliding up and down his shaft and milking him as he pumped into me so slowly and sensually, I adored it. I soon let out an orgasmic cry of ecstasy that was a full body orgasm. It was almost ethereal in comparison to regular sex. I will of course not tell my boyfriend what happened, that I was cheating on him. But I have a feeling I might be making a few more appointments for some additional massages.

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