Everyone has a special place they like to go to have hot sex.


One of my favorite places to have hot sex and get very naughty is outdoors. I can tell you some crazy sex stories that have happened in the wild outdoors! I have always had a fetish for it. Lately I have had my eyes set on the football field. Something about how open it was really turned me on.

I knew the football coach had a thing for me to. Whenever I would practice my cheerleading moves outside, he would always be outside watching. I didn’t mind though. It actually made my white panties dripping wet knowing someone was watching me, especially an older man like coach.

I was trying to figure out how to make my first move on the coach and an idea popped into my head.


I could ask him to help me pick out the right kind of workout clothes. He loved talking about fitness. So, after practice the next day, I stay late to ask him. He tells me he could take me shopping to find something that would fit me just right.

We got into his car and pulled up into the mall parking lot. He playfully took my hand and lead me into the Victoria Secret entrance. I was a little taken back, thinking we would have gone to a more serious workout store, but I didn’t stop him from guiding me into the store.

He had me fitted for a sports bra, but then for the panties, he started picking out very little thongs that would barely cover anything at all! I was nervous but very excited. While I was trying on the new bras and panties, he slipped into my dressing room! I couldn’t believe it. He said he wanted to watch me try on new outfits. Of course, how could I deny him that pleasure? But I knew what I wanted in return. I told him he could watch me, but he would have to fuck me in the outfit of my choice in the middle of the football field.


Stay tuned for part 2 of this story on Thursday, but if you can’t wait call me now for some naughty live phone sex!

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