Want to hear a naughty sex story? Well, of course you do or you wouldn’t be here.

Today I have a two part naughty sex story to share with you. I live in the marvelous sunshine state. It’s pretty much always hot and sunny here. I love everything about living here…well except one thing. Hurricane season always brings around a lot of hype. Some of it is exaggerated and some is well warranted. But like most disasters, there is a silver line.

So, what is so sexy about hurricanes? The wild parties that happen before, during, and after are! Floridians know how to have a lot of fun, and my neighbors are no exception. Every time we get a warning of a natural disaster, we know the whole neighborhood will be having a crazy party. It’s a major free for all. Because everyone is a bit nervous, there is always a lot of alcohol. And what does alcohol normally lead to? A damn good crazy time that is.

It’s a special kind of energy when your whole block is drunk.

Last time, I think I counted four people outside having sex behind a bunch of parked cars. And I mean they were going at it, together. The girls would kiss each other while being bent over. There moans echoed into the distanced. I even thought it was pretty hot, when they switched partners.

Things can get pretty crazy, and you don’t have to worry about any law enforcement coming right before a major storm. I have to say…I love a wild nasty time which is exactly what happened to me last time we had a huge hurricane party. It involved a lot of booze, and most of the neighbors on my street joining into see how wild I could be.

I don’t want to spoil all the fun though. Read part 2 of this kinky story and then call me so we can have some wild phone sex.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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