Crazy sex stories are stories that just happen.

I didn’t plan to have so many crazy sex stories. It’s probably because I am such a horny college slut. You know what they say about college girls! There are parties every night in my apartment complex. The parking lot is littered in used red solo cups by Saturday morning. I loved going to a party school for many reasons.

The apartments have a heated pool year round. So I’m sure you can imagine all the fun that everyone gets into. One day, I was out partying with everyone in the complex. The music was loud and everyone was having a great time. After a few to many sips of booze, I was very tipsy. And I get very flirty when I’m intoxicated. I just can’t help it.


After flirting with two brothers, I found myself sitting on the edge of the pool with them.

We started making out together. It was really hot. I could feel all the eyes stare at me as I took the two brothers in front of everyone. It got me so turned on. I knew people were watching as they took my clothes off, but I didn’t care.

Next, they took their cocks out and I was desperate to suck on them. I had been so horny all night, and their cocks tasted so good. I loved licking them up and down. The taste of their pre cum right on the tip of my tongue. When I looked around, I could see more people moving towards me. Soon I had a circle around me full of horny guys and girls. I knew it was going to be a crazy night, but I wasn’t going to stop until the sun was coming up. I still don’t remember how many cocks I sucked or how many girls I made squirt that night. I’ve never been hornier!

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