Hot Sex On Our Dream Vacation

My girlfriend and I rented a house to vacation in that was quite secluded and private recently. It was a beautiful property and it was so secluded. We were able to walk aroun

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d in the nude the entire time we were there. One could have hot sex and have total privacy. The backyard was huge and with a tall privacy fence around the gardens and pool. There was only one window of the neighboring property that overlooked the backyard. And one day as we were swimming in the nude I saw a curtain move in the window.I mentioned it to her and she said yes, there’s a man that lives next door, and he’s seldom seen.

I Loved To Be Able To Walk Around Nude

My friend had rented this home before and met this man. She said he was quite handsome and worked from home and didn’t bother anyone. So we just pretended to not notice him watching us, but we knew he was. It didn’t stop us from sunbathing in the nude or swimming in the nude one big. My friend said she and her boyfriend that she’d rented the house with before. They had engaged in hot sex in the garden several times and they felt he was watching them. But they didn’t really care all that much, so they just forgot about it.

Everyday we’d notice those curtains move slightly when we were out there. But never looked up at the window. He was probably masturbating like a fiend watching us. As the time for our stay drew to a close, I was bold enough to look up where I knew he was looking down on us .And I yelled up at him to come down and talk to us. He appeared in the yard a few moments later, looking a bit flustered. I smiled and introduced myself and said I’d heard he’d met my friend before. And would he like to join us on our final night? I asked him to take off his clothes and join us in the pool.

I Wasn’t Sure But His Cock Looked Pretty Big

He grinned, and took his clothes off and jumped right in. I had a feeling there might be some hot sex before the night was through. And I could see his cock was fairly large as I looked down through the water, though. I also know the water makes things appear larger.

I decided to reach down and make sure with my hand, and it was a nice, large cock. We kissed as I stroked him and my friend swam over to us and was playing with his balls. As I stroked his cock. My friend then pulled herself up onto the side of the pool. And spread her legs and he started to lick her pussy as she was at the edge of the pool. I went under the water and started to suck on his cock for as long as I could hold my breath. Then I came up, got air, and went back down.

I Think We Will Go Back Sometime

Soon we got out of the water, and he laid down on a chaise lounge and I straddled his cock. And my friend sat on his face and was enjoying his tongue again. I was grinding my cunt against his cock. My little clit so hard as it rubbed against him as I got closer to cumming. He grabbed me by the hips and helped ease me up and down his shaft. I soon felt my cunt cumming and contracting around his hard dick. Which soon shot its creamy load inside of me and my friend screamed out as she came on his face. It was some really hot sex, and I was glad I’d asked him to come over. We parted ways and said our goodbye’s. I think next year we may just come back and rent this house again for some more fun.

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