I was visiting my cousin for the weekend, hadn’t seen her in ages and there were some new neighbors of theirs that had moved in next door I never saw before. This guy I could see in his driveway polishing up his car. He was in his late 40’s I’d say, she told me he was a lawyer that liked to tinker with these classic cars he’d fix up as a hobby and he was out there all the time. I suggested we go out sunbathing, on the front lawn teasing the poor bastard.Gisele4624

She thought that was kind of mean, but I had a fun plan for the car guy. We both put on skimpy bikinis and laid out some towels and I said we should rub lotion over each other and see what he did. She was laughing at the idea, but was game for the idea, so we proceeded to grease each other up and he was indeed looking our way. We could see him stop a few times and just outright stare at us. I couldn’t get too carried away and start masturbating on the front lawn or something, but we certainly gave him a good show with our lotion applications to each others beautiful bodies.

I bet he went inside afterwards and jerked off, she’d told me his wife was a real snooty type, they likely don’t even fuck anymore, that’s why he’s got so much time for the cars! He’s not doing her anymore that’s for sure. I laughed and told her she should go over in the bikini and ask to borrow a cup of sugar! She said that was a bit much, but she’d had fun teasing him with our sunbathing and lotioning each other!

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