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I through a Christmas party the other night. It was boring and dull but out of nowhere one mom said fuck this and got out a toy. At first, I thought it was going to be a show like a pleaser party. I was wrong. Two more moms got out there toys and started playing with her pussy while one was sucking on her nipples. That’s when I knew it, was going to be an awesome hot naked moms Christmas party.

As the girls were licking her nipples and playing with her pussy, you could hear her moaning a mile away. I thought that was hot. So I decided to get naked and get the rest of the alcohol out. It was going to be a wild party so might as well get prepared.

When the body shots started…

When I got the alcohol out the girls decided they were going to start taking shots off each other and play a game. I thought that was hot. The game goes like this. You have to lay down on a table or floor. Then one girl plays with your pussy with a vibrator while you put a shot of whatever your drinking in a shot glass on their chest and if it spills from her squirming you have to drink it if she can take it, then she gets to shoot it. The game is fun to play.

After a few girls took the shots and played you could see they were soaking wet and dripping down their pussy. I was really excited. Then I decided to go to the bedroom and get the strap-ons and the rest of my toys. I have a lot of them to choose from.  When I got back they were still taking shots and playing with each other. So I asked them if they would like to get a little rougher.

When the real fun started

I took the big strap on that vibrates to my friend and helped her put it on and then I put mine on then we took turns going from girl to girl fucking them really hard. We had them bent over and had them taking the cocks up there ass. Then more girls got into it. I had one girl lay down on the floor. While I had my friend with the massaging vibrator fuck her in her ass while I got on top of her and fucked her in her tight little pussy.

I had three girls there taking pictures and turning this into a hot photo shoot that very much resembled an orgy porn video. I decided I would turn it into a business. All the girls there with cum running down their legs and them loving it I did not want it to end. So I decided to turn it into a hot naked moms porn video and know we do it every Christmas.

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