I got a job recently at a massage parlor.  Not a therapeutic massage parlor.  A happy ending type of massage parlor.  It paid well and the hours were flexible.  I also got to play with body parts and body fluids, two of my favorite things.

I was in the back room, reading a magazine when Trish, the young blonde receptionist, walked back there to tell me I had a client waiting.  “He’s pretty cute too.  Youngish.”  she said.

I smiled, “How young?” I asked.

She smiled wickedly.  “Probably too young to be here…” she whispered.  “But he was just too hot to turn away.”

I walked into the dimly lit session room.  The client was already naked, face down on the table with a towel draped over his ass.  His body was muscular and delicious.  I felt my clit twitch just looking at him.

I looked at the order he filled out.  “A happy ending massage with the extra big surprise?” I asked.  I saw his shoulders go up and his body seemed to stiffen.  “Is that right?” I asked.

In a very low voice, I heard him say, “Aunt Sabrina? Is that you?”

I gasped and walked over to him, pulling his shoulders back so that his head lifted off the table.  It was Tim, my sister’s 17 year old son.  I laughed, even though I was shocked to see him.  “What are YOU doing here?” I asked.

“What are YOU doing here?” he countered, sitting up now.

“I work here.” I responded cooly.  “It’s just a part time thing.  For extra money and for fun.”

“My friend told me about this place…” he started.  I cut him off by holding my hand up.

“Maybe you should say no more.  You paid for a happy ending massage with the extra big surprise.  Do you still want it?  Do you want it from me?” I asked.

“Hell yes! Are you kidding? I jerk off every time I come home from visiting you.  It’s like a wish come true you being here!” he gushed.

“Okay, lie down.  On your stomach.” I instructed.

We had special tables.  One hole for the face and the other for the cock.  I gave him a sensual deep tissue massage and occasionally I would reach under and give his cock a few good strokes.  He moaned with pleasure and I could tell by his squirming body that he was truly enjoying his massage.  I flipped him over so that he was on his back and continued to jerk his cock, using both hands now.  I had lots of warm oil on my hands and worked his cock and his balls until his entire body was twitching.

When I climbed up onto the table with him, his eyes widened when he saw that I was wearing my big 8 inch strap on.  “What the fuck?” he asked.

“This is the big surprise.” I explained.  “Didn’t your friend tell you what that meant?”

He shook his head, his eyes staring at my cock.  He didn’t look too sure about the Big Surprise any more.

“The surprise, Tim…” I explained, “Is how much you are going to love my dick stuffed up your ass.”  Without another word, I got on my knees, pushed his legs back and opened them wide.  I squirted some warm oil inside of his ass and then slid my cock just a few inches inside him.  He moaned loudly and squeezed his eyes shut.  His entire body was tight.  For a second, I thought maybe I was hurting him and started to slide it out when he said, “FUCK ME!”  He opened his eyes and I smiled at him.  “Fuck me, Aunt Sabrina! Fuck my ass! Fuck me!”

The customer is always right.  I slid my cock as far as I could, getting wetter as I listened to his loud moans.  I rammed it into him and fucked him harder than I’ve ever fucked anyone before.  I pumped it into him fast and grabbed his cock in both hands, moving them up and down, squeezing and twisting his big, stiff shaft.

It only took a couple of minutes and when I felt his cock twitch, I aimed the head of his cock at his face and soon his face was dripping with his white cream.  He was panting hard and didn’t seem to mind the cum running down his face.  I disengaged my dick slowly from his ass and climbed off the table.

“Glad you liked it.  See you Sunday at Grandma’s house for dinner.”  I said.

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