Hot lesbian girls – that’s what we were that night. I couldn’t believe that 5 years later I found myself staring at you from across a cafe. You hadn’t seen me because an oddly large and conveniently placed plant partially hid my table. I was also hiding behind my open laptop like a coward. You looked even better than you did at that hotel pool.

Your hair was longer now and you were wearing a smart looking pair of glasses that you played with as you talked to your male companion seated across from you. Was he your husband? Your boyfriend? Your co-worker? Did it matter? I wanted to know so badly but I also hated that I wanted to know. You had made it very clear that our hot as fuck first night as hot lesbian girls was also our last.

Every detail of your beautiful naked body

As I watched you idly play with the pendant that hung tantalizingly close to your cleavage, I felt my pussy start to drip as I remembered every detail of your beautiful naked body. The first things I thought of were your long blonde hair, your green eyes, and your full red lips. And your perfect small tits with their always hard nipples were next. So different from my big titties.  And of course, I couldn’t forget your small waist, your long legs, and your pert little ass.

And I definitely couldn’t forget that hot night – the only night we spent together. We were in the same wedding party and we were staying in the same hotel. After the wedding, I was too wired to sleep so I put on my bikini and headed down to the hot tub. I did not expect any excitement – much less hot lesbian girls! You had the same idea about 10 minutes later. I saw you walking toward the hot tub and the way you looked in the tiniest string bikini I had ever seen mesmerized me.

Two problems for the hot lesbian girls

You were just my type and I immediately wanted you more than anything I’ve ever wanted before. But there were two problems. First, I didn’t think you liked girls. And second, there was a guy in the hot tub when I got in and he was still there. Clit blocked by a creepy random dude! Despite this, when you climbed in the tub we locked eyes and I thought there might be a chance for us hot lesbian girls, after all.

We chatted innocently enough about the wedding and other completely unimportant things until the guy finally left. I had been wondering how quickly I would find out if you were into ladies.  You answered my question when right away you moved to sit right next to me and leaned in and kissed me confidently but softly on the lips. I was a little surprised at how fast that happened but I was not about to pull away!

The hottest kiss I’d ever had!

Your lips were soft and warm and tasted like cherries. Yes, I am aware that is a cliché for hot lesbian girls. I tried to play it cool but instead, I just moaned and fully committed to your kiss. My tongue found yours and it became the hottest kiss I’d ever had. Eventually, we came up for air and I immediately wanted more. I’m sure I must have looked at you like a hungry wolf. So much for playing it cool. Somehow, kissing you felt both new and exciting and comfortable and familiar all at once.

I stared at your impossibly perky little tits that a tiny bikini top barely concealed.  Of course, I wanted to see the rest of them! I wanted to know if your nipples were as hard as I was imagining them to be. And as I wished for more titties, my clit started to ache. I wondered if you were getting turned on too. I was so focused on your magical tits that I didn’t notice that your hand was moving slowly up my thigh until you were very close to my pussy. Again, there was no way I was going to stop you.

Next up:  Do I ever get to see any nipples?  Is this a true story?

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