Hot gym rat is exactly what you would expect to see at your local gym.

Luckily for you, I have made it a tradition of heading to the gym late at night. When I know that your eyes will not be able to stop staring at me. It has been a few weeks already, and I already know which outfits I can wear that will get you throbbing hard. You get so throbbing hard that there is no way you could hide it. Whether you would even want to, I’m not sure. Your favorite outfit that I wear to the gym is tight baby blue leggings that go up to my waist. You can see my camel toe too. On top, I wear a white bra that has a backless design. You can see so much of my body in that gym outfit.

You like to show off but you always stay behind me for the best view. I make sure to do lots of squats right in front of you. I wonder if you had a hot gym rat you would watch before you started watching me. However, I do not mind all the attention though. You might even say that I enjoy it.

So one day, I made sure my leggings were very tight in all the right places.

I didn’t stay in the squatting station and instead, I walked right over to your station. Then, I started doing my squats. I wanted to get to fifty squats for this set. Suddenly, I heard you put your weights down and ask if you could join in on my workout. Who could say no to an extra workout session? Little did I know that you wanted me so badly because I reminded you of your horny blonde stepsister at home! Once I said yes, you grabbed my waist and started moving me up and down with my firm ass grinding against your cock. It was easy to fill in your basketball shorts.

I reached back and started grabbing your hard cock. It felt so good to have in my hand going up and down. It was pretty big too! I had to feel it inside me, so I pushed you down on the weight lifting bench. Then, I pulled my tight blue leggings down and sat on your face. I wanted to make sure you could handle a hot gym rat like me! Moans would not stop flowing from my lips and I think you ate my pussy better than anyone had previously.

Your face was soaking wet once I finally got off of it.

You were so good at eating my pussy that I could have come then, but I decided to be a teasing little hot gym rat and have you fuck me right there in the open gym. Thank god it was so late at night. Your cock slid easily into me and we started fucking. You pounded my tight little snatch so good and we both came at the same thing. I didn’t want to waste any time ruining the moment, so I got off your cock. Then, looked back at you and winked. I grabbed my gym bag and said, “See you next Thursday” with a smirk on my face as I walked out of the gym.

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