Why do dirty sex stories always seem to make us so horny? There must be something about hearing the downright naughty details that make us want to star in our own dirty sex stories. You know the kind of taboo sex stories that not even your closest friends could hear. Well, my New Year’s resolution for 2022 is to make all of our fantasies hotter and more vivid than ever before. From the sensual GFE phone sex to the kinky phone slut that will make you need to seek spiritual help, I plan to give you what you crave. I’m sure you’ve had a kink or two that you never really got to explore in 2021, didn’t you? Those naughty fantasies don’t have to stay dormant in your head. This year, let’s step it up a level. Are you ready to share all of your taboo phone sex fantasies? Because I am more than capable of making them all come alive.

What is that naughty New Year’s fantasy?

Believe me when I tell you I want to know. No matter how vanilla or how taboo or forbidden, I want to help you act out the most intimate details of your phone sex fantasy. Let me make them so vivid that your cock can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Tell me all of your naughty age play thoughts you have been having. I am sure to take them up a notch or two. I’m ready to be the skillful accomplice and make sure everything goes according to plan. I’m the perfect one to be certain that you get the sweet sticky treats you crave. So, in 2022 I want us to explore it all. Let add little rainbow sprinkles to your vanilla sex life.

The dirty sex stories for 2022

Our dirty sex stories in 2022 have to be so hot that your cock drips through the entire session. It’s time that you think about your wants and needs in 2022. Share them with the kinky phone slut that has the talent to entice and excite you to orgasm.

My sissy boys and crossdressers are in for a treat. I can’t wait to shop like never before. I want to dress you in the sluttiest outfits when we go out to give out that little man pussy. My BBC lovers, I have loads of big black dick waiting to quench your thirst. I am ready for 2022, are you? Let’s step our creativity up and find new and interesting ways to fulfill our need for dirty sex stories.

Normally my New Year’s resolution is some lame thing that I know I won’t honor. However this year I will be the best kinky phone slut I can be. I plan to make cocks cum harder and stronger. So bring me your taboo phone sex desires and let’s take it up another level. For more erotic sex stories and the best phone sex call Mallory at 877-729-7626


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