Anal sex has become my favorite thing.

I think everyone remembers their first time, I especially remember my first time having anal sex. I was a young sexy teen who was willing to try anything new who loved talking to older men and they loved me. My dad’s boss loved me the most. Every year at Christmas parties he would stare at me all night as my dresses got shorter and shorter over the years. I finally decided to take my shot and last Christmas I talked to him at the party and secretly gave him my number.

We have been messing around weekly since. He had asked me a couple times if he could be the one to take my anal virginity. I declined every time, I wasn’t ready and I didn’t really know anything about it. But as the months of fucking passed by I started to think I wanted to spice it up some more. I researched it a lot and decided I wanted to do it. So I went over to his house one day, he let me inside and I went straight to the bathroom. I put on a very sexy red lacy bra and a yellow thong.

That made me look almost good enough to eat.

With lube in hand, I headed out of the bathroom and joined him in his bedroom. He loved seeing me all dressed up he kissed me and started feeling me up. He asked me why I had the lube in my hand and I smiled and told him I wanted to be fucked in my ass tonight, getting so excited and threw me on the bed and proceed to take my clothes off.

Once I was fully naked he began to eat my pussy making me so wet. Sucking on my clit he decided to push his thumb up against my asshole.  Making me jump. He smiled and whipped his rock hard dick out, slathered it with lube and placed the head of it against my asshole. He slowly pushed his head inside of me. Making me jump and moan as he kept getting deeper and deeper. It hurt a little at first but it was the best feeling ever! He started pounding me faster and deeper until he let out a huge sigh, pulled out and busted his load all over my ass cheeks. I can’t fucking wait to do it again!

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