A Honeymoon Affair

My husband’s little micro dick never did it for me.  He knew it.  I knew it.  fuck, everyone knew it.  To say he was unsatisfying would be the understatement of the year.   I married for money and he married to have a smoking hot wife on his arm.  He knew landing me would come with strings attacked.  Those strings were my love affair for big black cock and having him watch.

  It was our honeymoon.  I couldn’t get my eyes off the sexy stud at the end of the hotel bar and my husband knew what was going through my mind.  He knew I had cheated on him in the past, but now that we were married, it was time to take it to the next level.  I whispered in his ear how I wanted to feel that huge Mandingo dick inside of me and I could see his face light up.   He left to go back to the room.   I approached that big black stud and told him to meet me in my room.

With my newlywed husband tuck away in the closet,  I brought my hunk of man meat to the bed.

 He ripped off my slinky little black dress and began to ravish my body.  He shoved his rock hard shaft so deep down my throat my eyes watered.  I gagged and choked on every inch of his hard flesh until I was ready to take him inside my aching pussy.    His huge cock filled my pussy like it hadn’t been filled before.  He was so much bigger than my pathetic husband!  With his cock buried deep inside my cunt, I felt my legs shake and my pussy gush.  He made me squirt all over the bed!  I felt is cock twitch as his strong body tensed.  He dumped load after load into my wet hole.

He gathered his things and left the room.  My husband emerged from the closet, baby dick in hand.  I laughed at the sight of him as he got between my legs to lick every drop of fresh cum.  My cream pied pussy was his dream come true.  I guess my marriage would work out after all.

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