Hot Home Invasion Role Play

My new home invasion role play has me worked up. It started out as a cuckold fantasy but my sick and twisted mind took it to a whole new level. I was looking for something a little more forceful and dominant now Its become a fantasy of mine. This new role play has me so turned on. Its a peaceful quiet late night and your at home watching television with your wife when there is unexpected knock on the door. Your not so surprised to see its me (your loan shark you owe money to) because you knew it was a matter of time before I showed up. You try stepping outside your door to tell me you’ll pay tomorrow but I have lost faith in you and it’s time I show you I how badly I want my money.

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My guys shove you back inside and I order them to tie up your scared and nervous wife. You beg me to leave her out of it but you have shown me your weakness. I force your wife to fuck my black friends by telling her all the things we will do to you. I’m guessing you have figured out by now they are going to gang bang her in front of you. Her hands are tied literally and figuratively. The three of them shove her on the floor where they take full advantage of her. I’ll stay next to you narrating while they pump her full of bbc. They take full advantage of her pussy when they rip those panties off. And they can tell your little just by feeling how tight your wife is. I bet next time you fuck her you’ll feel the difference inside her.

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Did you notice how she moaned with that last scream, yeah she liked it! I’ll make sure my friends leave a creamy surprise inside her. We have to leave you with something to remember us by. I want you to remember everything I have my guys do to your wife because if you don’t pay up next time it might just be you that gets big black dick. If your looking for a dominant role play, bbc or cuckolding fantasies let’s get together and play out my fantasy. You can be my first victim but I’m also open to any ideas you may have for me. If my home invasion opened ideas for you call me I make a great accomplice, or wicked dom. Keep in mind I have no limits and I’m completely open to any kinky role plays. Small penis humiliation, cheating wife role role plays, and obviously forced sex role plays.

Kinky Kelsey