I never believed that I would be making my own holiday sex stories with big black cock Santa. However, here I am. Ready to share all the sorted details with my fellow naughty playmates. Besides, it was so fucking hot that I wouldn’t dare keep it bottled up inside. 

It all started when my best friend Chelsea invited me to her family’s holiday party. They have it every year. Boy, do they know how to have fun and turn up. So when her parents sent out the invites, I made sure to RSVP. Her mom has always been a stuck-up little cunt, but her dad was just mad cool. He loved hanging out with us girls even when we were younger. I couldn’t wait to see him, since I had missed the last couple of holiday parties.  

Holiday sex stories 

When I walked into the party, all eyes were on me. I looked fucking fabulous, and I knew it. Of course, the men and even some of the women were drooling. My dress fit like a glove and hugged every curve. There was no doubt that I had the attention of the room. It was such a turn-on knowing they were envisioning me in their hot holiday sex stories. Several of Chelsea’s family members asked me to dance. Therefore, I enjoyed having fun with them all. You guys know me; this ebony queen loves to tease and deny. No one in Chelsea’s family was safe tonight.  

So it was time for Santa!

All the kids and even some of us adults couldn’t wait to sit on Santa’s lap. OMG, it was so much fun. We all got a chance to sit on Santa’s lap. So much joy as he pulled out a present for everyone that had RSVP’d. It was great. Since I was not officially a part of the family, I let everyone go and waited my turn. Finally, comfortably sitting on Santa’s lap, I felt his cock grow right underneath me. I have been friends with Chelsea since 2nd grade. Nonetheless, I never imagined her dad had a big black cock like that. I was intrigued.   

I wiggled my ass all over big black cock Santa. He needed to know that I felt his excitement and wanted more. Santa took out the last present from the bag with my name on it. He wanted to confirm if I had been naughty or nice. I assured him that I would be very naughty tonight if Santa wanted me to. I felt his cock jump again under my ass. That told me everything I needed to know. Santa was about to star in my holiday sex stories tonight.

As the party continued, a little liquid courage gave big black cock Santa the balls to grab me by the hand and lead me away from the others. I must admit I couldn’t wait to fuck Santa. He started to take off his Santa suit but, I stopped him. I told him to keep it on and tell me how naughty I was. Santa lowered to his knees and began to eat this ebony pussy. As I squirted my pussy juice all over his beard, I pushed his head deeper.  

I pushed Santa to the bed and took out that beautiful cock. He was hard as steel and I could not wait to stuff him inside me. Do you want to hear all the naughty details about Santa and me? How about we make our own holiday sex stories? Call your ebony queen Camille at 888-340-8794 for more dirty sex stories.  

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