Holiday Office Party Sex Scenes Caught On Tape!

Well, it looks like we’re into that time of year again. But, this year we found our Holiday office party sex scenes caught on tape! My boss, Ben Weeder, had been in business for years and was at the top of his game in advertising. You know the type, overachieving, gorgeous, sexy and outrageously smart. He was the real-life, modern-day, Richard Gere. And I got to work for him through his affiliation with my Dad. Ben hired me right out of college. At first, I was in the mailroom, working my way up the good old fashioned way…on my back of course! But, all things in good time. Of course, there came the time for holiday office party sex scenes caught on tape! Giggle.

He never saw me cumming. And, quite frankly, though I noticed from the start that he was a prize to any woman of any age, the pull toward him was so unexpected, so systematic, so magnetizing.

I was caught off guard as well.

That first time, we were snowed in at Ben’s offices in downtown Philly and had to eventually take refuge at the landmark Rittenhouse Hotel over on Rittenhouse Square. We were lucky they had any rooms at all. So, when we were told that the room was a shared bath, adjoined rooms, we both felt a little awkward. But, what could we do? We desperately needed shelter. Besides, neither of us were thinking it would be “that kind of party“.  At least, I didn’t think so! 

We got settled into our respective rooms and I gave him the warning that I was going to shower first, then the bathroom would be all his. I heard him ordering room service and he rapped at the door to ask me what I wanted. Hmmm. What did I want? Hearing his deep, growling voice from the other side of the door caused all sorts of feelings to spring forth. And suddenly, what I craved, was his hard dick pounding away inside me. Oh, my GOD! Where did that cum from?

Have you ever just wanted to be bad?

My mind was in a spin as I wrestled with my womanly urges. I sprang hither and yon with exactly what could happen between us. Then, I veered far right with the sheer panic of all the bad stuff that could happen by dipping my toes into the Boss pond. But, sometimes, you’ve just got to close your eyes, slide towards the edge… And LEAP!

I decided to exit the bathroom on his side, standing there in my birthday suit, right in front of my father’s closest friend! Ben turned toward me, taking me in with every muscle of his handsome face. His jaws clenched and maybe his teeth were grinding a bit. It instantly clear to me that he would not be the one to advance, so I took the lead. I walked directly to him, my breaths cumming in quickly, like stilted puffs. Was I cold? No, I was red hot and ready. The tremble, followed by full-body goosebumps may have given away some apprehension. But, me dropping to my knees at the side of his bed, left no wonder as to my intentions.

All things against Ben’s will and better judgment.

He sat on the bed, but not where I was on my knees. His hand caressed the mattress and sheet as I watched in confusion. Oh, no! Was he getting ready to give me that DAD-type of talk? Here? While I’m naked? How humiliating! This had NEVER happened to me before and it was not going to be a welcum change by any means!

Ben said, “Joey…” Oh, no not the trail off! He continued, “You know Vince is one of my longest-running and best friends, right? So, as incredibly hot, sexy and attractive as you are, this is an idea that can only poorly. Why don’t you gather your clothes and we’ll have dinner together, okay?”

I rose as if by air and practically ran back through the shared bath to my own room.

Sliding down the other side of the door, I felt trapped in some kind of RomCom gone totally bad! Ben knocked and ask through the door if I was okay. I mumbled a feeble, ‘Yes’, followed by a quick ‘be right out!’ and it seemed forever before I pulled my shit together, got dressed and went through the bathroom again. This time, I knocked more formally.

“Cum in, Josette”, Ben’s deep voice rang out. I opened it and when I walked in, there he sat, completely nude on the edge of his bed, stroking his fatty! His only giveaway was that devilish grin he was giving me. But, outside of that, I was confused.

“Welcum to Holiday Office Party Sex Scenes Caught on tape, Joey!” 

My eyes quickly glanced around his room and landed on several surveillance cameras positioned in each corner with red lights blinking! Holy FUCK! If this hadn’t been so confusing and sexy, I’d have balked at once. But, I didn’t! I smiled at him and with a quick wink, swallowed him WHOLE! Being in no hurry, I licked at him, all tongue at first.

Then, I gave Ben what he’d secretly wanted all along. I slowly sucked his giant cock like a hungry child. The food went untouched outside in the hall. The only thing he wanted to eat was my sweet, dripping wet pussy! I must admit…I had quite the desire for a hot sausage and boy, did Ben deliver with ass-plunging wonder!

Since that day, we have becum blissful lovers… Ben’s wife? His very best friend on the planet? No worries. It’s on him if he wants to be a cheater, it works well for me!  We even do phone sex in the office. LOL. But, I am not trying to steal him away from her…I just want to be able to fuck that sweet, delicious man any time I want. And…that is DAILY!

Want to know more about my office workouts with Ben? Look for more later. But, maybe YOU will end up with some holiday office party sex scenes caught on tape too!

Kiss, kiss,

Holiday Office Party Sex Scenes Caught