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High School sex stories aren’t something I thought would happen at this point in my life.

I kept saying this over and over in my head, as it was.

Was I a creep for doing this?

a peeping Tom?

One of my high school sex stories teen dream girl was right in my view, and Me. The MAN that I am, am gawking at her beautiful body. Lusting, LUSTING after my daughter’s best friend.

At first glimpse, I could tell there was someone on the couch watching TV. As my eyes adjusted better, I realized several things in very quick succession. First, it was Anna downstairs. Second, she was watching softcore porn on Skinemax or something. Third, her hand was buried in her pajama bottoms, and it was moving. I felt myself blush when I realized what she was doing, but I found myself drawn closer to the fence. I knelt down, and watched, entranced. When the screen would flash brighter, I could see her beautiful face, contorted with pleasure. As I watched, I could see her hand clutching at and pinching her nipples through her thin t-shirt, and her hand in her bottoms was moving a bit faster. Realizing I was rubbing my cock through my boxers as I watched her, and I pulled my hand away.

I shouldn’t be watching her

I briefly struggled with whether or not to go, and just before I got up to walk away, I looked back at Anna. What I saw practically knocked me on my ass – she had pulled her pajama bottoms down, and I could see her long fingers diving in and out of a pussy that made my mouth water just to look at. I watched her fingers trace the outline of her lips, rubbing up and down them slowly. Then, she’d curl her fingers, and slide them inside. I watched, breath catching in my mouth, as I could see her throw her head back, clearly moaning in pleasure.

My brain had compartmentalized – a part of me was screaming that she was 17, she was my daughter’s friend, that this was wrong, but yet my hand had taken my cock out of my boxers. Incredibly excited by this vision in front of me. My head glistened with my precum, and when I wrapped my fist around my cock it slid easily up and down with the lubrication.

I couldn’t help myself, I was so turned on…

I watched Anna’s hands work at her body faster – her left hand was under her t-shirt playing with her breasts, while her right continued to fuck herself harder and harder. My fist pumped faster and faster up and down my cock as I spied on my underage daughter’s best friend, squeezing the head every time I pulled my hand up. I stopped for a moment and rubbed my index finger around in circles just below the head of my cock, and closed my eyes.

When I opened them, I saw Anna’s hands moving like lightning, her body writhing around on the couch. My hand started flying on my cock, eager to stroke myself to orgasm. I panted out loud, breathing hard, and reversed my grip on my cock. My index finger and thumb around the base and my palm gliding over the slick mushroom tip. Finally, Anna came. She convulsed hard, bending over in half, and then collapsed on the couch. Outside, I could just barely hear her wordless scream of pleasure. When I did, I met it with one of my own. My seed shot out of my cock like a fire hose, and I painted the fence with it, spurt after spurt.

After I caught my breath I looked up. Anna was looking out the door, licking her fingers one by one. I froze, fearing I had been caught.  After Anna cleaned her fingers she turned off the TV and went upstairs. As soon as she left. I scurried back inside to clean up. The huge load I left on the fence – well, there’s still a stain their today.


I’ve always been a Daddies girl…. even if it wasn’t MY Daddy.

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