High School Sex stories.

Of course, I have a TON. This is one of my favorite High school sex stories though because in all actuality it was written by a good friend of mines father. Oh, and believe me, the years we spent as part of one another’s life were some of the best.

High School sex stories are some of the best!

I hope you enjoy this one (part of 4)
It was almost 8 years ago that I moved to this town with my daughter, Lisa.  Her mother had passed away the year before, and it just hurt too much to stay in the same house.  I was worried about taking Lisa away from where she grew up, but it turned out she wanted to get away as much as I did.  Fortunately for us, she made new friends right away.
The first friend she made would also prove to be her longest.  Anna and her parents had lived only next door, and while Anna was older than Lisa, they were both in the same grade.  Anna was always so sweet and polite, and she was whip-smart too.  Since I was a single dad, it was nice to know that Lisa wasn’t alone after school while I was working.

Things started to change when the two innocent friends began high school.  Both Anna and Lisa blossomed into beautiful young women, but while Lisa stayed somewhat shy, Anna had become as fiery as her hair.  As she got older, she became drop-dead gorgeous – a face that could launch more ships than Helen’s, long legs that she loved to cap with sexy shoes, an amazing ass that she learned how to tease just enough to stay “innocent,” and a full pair of natural tits that would be more than a handful for anyone.

Of course, she got plenty of attention from guys, and some from other girls too, but she never seemed really interested.  I think that’s part of why guys flocked to her – for all her obvious sexuality, she never seemed to date anyone, and everyone knows the forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest.

Forbidden fruit does taste the sweetest!
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