High School Sex Stories pt 2- Teased by my daughters best friend

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In the first part of my high school sex stories, believe me, you don’t wanna miss out! One of my best friends dads describes in detail how our naughty little fling started.

High School sex stories continued…

Of course, as it turned out, that was part of the problem for me. After my wife died I never regained interest in dating. I threw myself into my work, and when I wasn’t working I dedicated myself to being the best single dad I could be. It was the summer after their sophomore year in high school when I first actually saw Anna as a woman. Lisa had talked me into letting her host a pool party.  I had agreed on the condition that it had to be when I could be a chaperon.

Daddy wanted to be there 

I’m relaxing on a pool chair in my swimming trunks, watching the kids playing in the pool, when I realize my headcount is off by one. I had only a few moments to try and figure out who was missing. Just as a dark shape surged out of the water in front of me, and Anna lifted herself out of the pool. As she stood there in front of me water dripped off of her body. Anna threw her head back, tossing her hair behind her and thrusting her chest towards me, and my jaw dropped.

For the first time, I saw – really saw – my daughter’s best friend as the young woman she was. My eyes drifted slowly up her perfect legs. Up past her hands that were resting on her hips. Then finally up to her face, where I saw her looking straight at me. Anna giggled, bit her lower lip, and sashayed towards me, swaying her hips in a manner that only a few moments before I would not have thought of as seductive. This beautiful, newly sexual creature came up and squatted down beside me.

My daughters Best friend is seducing me…

“I wanted to thank you, Mr. Matt, for letting us have this party. I know you wanted to make sure you could be here to keep an eye on us, and I…wanted to let you know how much I appreciated that.” She giggled again, then leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. She lingered there, with her lips on my cheek, my breath caught in my throat before she ran her hand lightly up my belly and chest and pushed off of me with another sexy giggle, before taking a few steps back to the pool and diving in again.

I started breathing again, and my voice almost cracked when I asked if anyone else wanted something to drink as I headed inside to cool off. I stood in the kitchen, the refrigerator door open, hoping the cold air would help my raging erection die off so I could go back outside.

Naughty High school sex stories… throbbing yet?

It was months before the next event would happen. I usually wouldn’t get much alone time until after Lisa went to bed. Often I would stay awake later so I could get some reading done, maybe watch some TV or play a game alone. I was turning out the light one night. Just as I was getting ready to turn in I noticed a flickering light from the house next door. It was really late, so, curious, I took a peek. I could see the light was coming from downstairs, but I couldn’t see what it was from my room.  I went downstairs and out to the backyard. We only had a short fence between us and our neighbors, so when I went outside I was able to see clearly through their glass back door into their living room.

you won’t believe what happened next…

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