My senior year was full of many high school sex stories.

One of those high school sex stories includes my history teacher. Some girls thought that he pretty sexy, but others thought that he was a tad too old because he was greying. This was absolutely no problem for me. I adore mature men. They have jobs, cars, and their shit together. I love how desperate they are for some young tight pussy.

There was only one problem. He gave me a D in his class. My dad was going to kill me. I decided to see him after class and I wondered if I could manipulate him into giving me a better grade. I knew that it was hard for adult men to tell me no. When everyone left class to go home, I stayed after to talk to him.

Then, I asked him if there was anything that I could do to raise my grade, because I knew that I deserved better. He said that there was one thing that I could do for extra credit. He told me to bend over the side of his desk and put my arms flat on his desk. Then I felt him lift up my skirt as he pulled my panties. With his right hand, he pulled the ruler that he used to point to the map off of his desk.

He pressed down on my back with his left hand and struck me across my bare cheeks with the ruler.

I was so shocked! He whacked me 10 more times with it and that shit stung. Then he told me that he was going to make me work for that A in a way that I might better understand. Leaning his weight onto my back, he pressed his hard cock against my tight little slit and popped the head in. As I took a deep breath, he plunged all the way in. He started pumping in me, and then pulled out, squirting all over my sore ass. Finally, he scribbled out the D and put an A right next to it in red pen. What an interesting high school sex story! Being a college girl was going to be fun! Do you like phonesex girls? Read more of my blog!

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