High School Sex Stories Weren’t Really So Innocent, Were They?

Even the most seemingly innocent high school sex stories contained their own special mischief filled with horny teens exploring one another, raging hormones, and new discoveries that were hidden from us by our parents.  This story takes place near Christmas.  I was feeling down that my boyfriend would not be there for the holidays.  He had been admitted to the hospital.  So I decided to pay him a visit.  I’d pay him a special visit after school.

After school, I went straight to the hospital.  I was still wearing my school uniform which consisted of a medium-length blue skirt, blouse, and loafers.  I never realized how much of an impression this outfit would make.  The walk was good for me.  The wind felt good on my long sexy legs.  The walk made my whole body heat up, causing a red glow to appear on my face.

Upon entering his hospital room, I saw him smile.  At least I knew he was in a good place.  I was very relieved to know that he was stable.  He beamed at me as I came over to his bed.  Softly, I kissed him sweetly on his head.  Shivering, I enjoyed the playful touch of his hands on my breasts as I hugged him.  I blushed pulling away.  He smirked at me and told me everyone was gone for now.  I sat on his bed and we kissed passionately.  The point of his cock made the covers rise.  I smiled knowing how much he loved the attention.

He always loved my sexy legs. 

I explained that I had not had a chance to dress and that I came directly from school.  My boyfriend looked me up and down almost undressing me with his eyes.  I reached under the covers and felt the source of the tent.  His cock was hard in my hand.  I squeezed it playfully rubbing up and down on the thick part of his shaft all the way to the head of his dick.  I always loved the way his penis felt as it twitched in my grasp.  His hips pumped playfully thrust forward.  I rubbed furiously now feeling excited.  Could I possibly do this before his mother walked in?

He smiled at my face and reached for me, rubbing my thigh.  He whispered what he’d like to do to me in my school uniform if we had time.  I jerked up and down, the liquid of his cum coating my hand.  His mom walked in at that moment.  I pulled my hand out and hid it behind my back as I walked to the bathroom smiling.

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