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Alt sex stories sometimes prove that fun can be had almost anywhere!   A high school friend of mine named Clarance was remembering some of his days playing football in high school.  He wanted to be good enough for the NFL.  Clarance was just so ambitious, that I thought he could do anything.  He always used to amaze me! Clarance was well-built and had the strength and muscles to show for it!  Not to mention, he wasn’t bad-looking.  There always seemed to be girls chasing him or asking for his number. Lots of high school sex stories to tell!

I remember the night of the injury.  We were all at a football game.  Clarance received the ball and was passing the ball.  Another player ran at him in hopes of intimidating him.  He went down hard!  I could almost feel his pain as paramedics carried him off the field to applause.  In the hospital, Clarance tried to make a joke of it while wincing that he was all right.  He would be there for a while.

Clarance later told me this story.  The second night he was there he was joined by another person who would share his room.  This kid was scrawny.  He looked to be in high school as well.  Perhaps that is why the hospital matched them in the same room.  Clarance was annoyed at having his privacy invaded.  The kid looked wimpy, scrawny, too clean, almost like a mama’s boy type.

That night Clarance woke from an erotic dream about a cheerleader.

He listened and didn’t hear anyone.  So Clarance did what he normally did, and started to jack that cock.  His big black cock must have been formidable.  I could always see that bulge in his pants when he was soft so imagining his cock in his full erect state was reason enough for girls to want him.

The noise woke his roommate up.  The roommate’s name was Scott.  Scott’s brown curly head poked through the curtain.  Clarance was not about to stop.  Scott came closer and asked if he could touch it.  Speechless he let the guy stroke his cock.  Pre cum started to ooze from the mushroom head of his dick.  Scott bent his face down and started to suck on his cock.  Clarance inhaled surprised for a moment, then relaxed as he began to enjoy this warm wet mouth that felt better than some girl’s lips.  Scott sucked, and blew hot air, savoring his balls and cock with long probing sucking and wet gentle licks.

It was almost more than Clarance could take.  He knew it wouldn’t be long.  Do you know something?   This story wasn’t the end of their fun!   Want to tell me your gay phonesex fantasies after reading one of my favorite alt sex stories?

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