This sex story is about the first time that I had high-sex.

I was out in the woods camping with my friends. Later that night, one of the guys that we were camping with, brought a box of pot. It had a small blue pipe in it. We decided that we would share a tent, since the others were a tad bit coupled up. We spread out our sleeping bags so that one could serve as a blanket (for maximal warmth of course.) Then he pulled out the pipe and we took turns hitting it.

The guy taught me how to inhale, and then let my thumb off the hole while inhaling. He had to light it for me though. I didn’t like the flame that close to my face. A blanket of calm washed over me, that was fuzzy in a way. I felt cozy and giggly. We joked around for a couple of hours and then we started making out. It felt like my whole body was tingling. Like an aching to be touched.

This deep relaxation came over me as we started to strip each other of our clothes.

I thought about videotaping it, but video sex would be too complicated in a tent. He grabbed me by the hips and rolled me over onto my stomach. We could hear the blaring music of the campsite party near us. He raised my hips a little so that my ass stuck in the air. My face and arms were planted in the mess of sleeping bags. He spread my tight little pussy with one hand and guided his cock in with the other. He pushed through the opening and shoved deep inside me. Then, he started pulling me on to his cock with his hands on my hips. I felt every inch of myself shove open. And when I came, my pussy squeezed all over his cock as he fucked me hard and fast.

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