The guy that I was fucking loved to watch video sex.

His computer was filled with porn! I had never tried video sex before, but I was totally down to watch myself fuck. It sounded wild.  We stripped our clothes off and he hadn’t asked me just yet if he could film it. He started to rub my clit around in circles. Then he started to push his fingers in and out of me. He started to spread my pussy lips and peek into my hole.

Picking up his phone, he asked if he could take a picture of my pussy spread. I agreed while pushing my pelvis up. His two fingers slid inside of me and stretched me out. With the other hand, he got the phone really close to my pussy and turned the flash on. After a few pictures were taken, he asked if we could film it. I said that it was fine. Many of my teen sex years have been quite experimental. I could totally cum to the tape later.

He told me to get on all fours and placed the camera between my legs.

The flash was still on. The camera lay on my bed, face down and between my legs, with the lens facing my pussy. Next, he spread my lips wide open so that the camera could glimpse into my pussy. Then he started to push the head of his cock into my tight hole. He pushed deeper and deeper into me and stretched me all the way inside.

Pumping in and out of my hole, he picked up the camera and brings it close up to him fucking me. Grabbing me by the hips with his other hand, he started to fuck me harder and I knew that he was about to blow his load. Then, when he came, I squeezed my pussy muscles and all of the juices puddled out onto his water-proof phone. What a fantastic ending to my tape! If you are in the mood for a little teen phonesex have a peek at some of my other blogs.

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