The idea of a heat sex fantasy is that I want a mindless lust induced upon me.

In my heat sex fantasy, I picture myself growing so hot and aroused that I can’t help myself. It’s often linked to my breeding fantasies, which in turn lead to young mother sex. But my heat sex fantasy is all about the arousal that grows almost too much for me. The idea of mindless pleasure is what really gets me off. My goal in this heat sex fantasy is to be aroused and just do what feels good to me. 

If you’re familiar with BDSM, the idea is kind of similar to subspace. Rather than subspace, the need to keep going and keep seeking pleasure is what drives me. I’m not quite floating peacefully (though I will be once I’m stuffed full of cock). Only once I’ve had several loads inside my wet pussy will my heat finally calm down. If I don’t get any cock inside me, I go feral, almost. 

So, in my heat sex fantasy, my day starts out pretty normal. I get out of my apartment in the big city. I moved here recently because there are more people to fuck. Which is lucky, because I have an itch to get something between my legs. My nipples are a little sensitive, but luckily, it’s my day off, so I can go to the store, buy some lube, and come back home to masturbate a little. 

While I wait for the bus, I check my makeup, my blouse, and my skirt. It’s a little short today, but it doesn’t feel as constraining. I have on a thong, again for the constricting issue. And my blouse is just a tight tank top and a bra because my boobs are tender. 

Finally, the bus arrives, packed. 

Too Many Bodies

There’s no place to sit, so I head to the back of the bus, hanging onto a rail to keep myself upright. Around me are a bunch of different men. When I look at them, I’m not noticing the variety of clothes or the economic differences between them. All I can think about is what their cocks would look like hard. My lips feel dry but my mouth drools thinking about getting those cocks inside me. 

My gut begins to burn, and I close my legs together. I know my hips move a little too much for others to think it’s just the swing of the bus, but I don’t care. With my movements, my skirt rides upright, and the cool air feels good against my skin. 

Then, someone’s hand rides against my thigh. The warm heat of their skin feels nice, and I part my legs, trying to move the hand upwards to where I want it. 

I don’t have to wait. The hands travel upwards, pulling my skirt the rest of the way up. They push my panties to the side, their rough hands feeling my wet pussy. Another pair of hands comes up and grabs my breasts through my tank top. My hands are too weak to hold onto the bars of the bus anymore, and I let go. I try to rub my breasts against the hands squeezing them, but that’s hard when I’m also trying to rub the hands feeling up my pussy. One hand manages to make it inside me, and I whine. It’s not quite what I need. 

Suddenly, I’m pulled backward and impaled on a nice, thick cock.

Used Like a Toy

“Tight,” one deep voice says. I don’t care. I’m moving up and down on his cock, squeezing it tightly with my vaginal muscles. Another man takes off my tank top, and I open my mouth to let out a cry. But another cock fills my mouth before I can say anything. 

My pussy keeps squeezing on the cock inside it. Soon, something warm squirts inside me, helping me calm down just a little. More, my mind whispers. I need more. My pussy still aches and is sore, and my womb is greedy.

When the first man is finished filling me up, I whine and try to keep him inside. He needs to be inside, I think. But I don’t need to worry. Another cock fills me up to replace that one, thicker and longer than the last. At this point, I cannot tell who is fucking me. I only know they feel good, calming inside my pussy, and I need each of them to fill me up. 

And fill me up they do.

Do you want to breed me until my pussy is stuffed and full?

Then call this operator for more phone sex porn!

heat sex fantasy