Young mother sex is hardly what most people think of when they think of Mother’s Day.

However, when I think of Mother’s Day, I’m thinking of myself; I want to be a young mother, and thus have young mother sex. I want to be one of those knocked up girls who have a round belly and a baby daddy on the side. Given how spoiled I am, you bet that I would love to have a few guys thinking that the child is theirs. All of them would star in my young milf stories!

But, even if they know it’s unlikely that the baby is theirs, those guys still get off on breeding my already occupied womb.

All these guys I fuck enjoy the thought of me being round and full with their kid. Plus, they love the idea of doting on me- spending thousands on me: new maternity dresses, new baby things, jewels, maids, you name it! I love taking them for a ride, both figuratively and literally. Honestly, they don’t mind it one bit. Instead of guys fighting, they all accept my pregnant needs, worshipping my round belly and my heavy, full breasts. After all, what’s not to like about a pregnant woman? The fact that I’m young only enhances my “glow”, according to the guys.  And the “glow” after… man, that’s what young mother sex is about.

I’m pretty sure for my studs it’s not about who got me pregnant, but rather, the fact that they can be with someone who is. It wouldn’t matter for me; pregnant me is a horny bitch. How do I know?

I just do. Trust me.

One Kind of Milking

Even though I’m knocked up, it doesn’t mean I don’t have needs. My breasts are all heavy with milk. Also, while pregnant I wake up hot and horny, and I need something. That’s where I call my early morning baby daddies. One of them will come over and bring me something sweet to eat. Before I eat it, though, he knows what I’m really craving.

There’s no one to drain my milk right now. My nipples are sore as Nathaniel takes them into his hand, massaging my breasts and pinching my nipples. They leak all over my stomach and I whine, opening my legs for him. “Nathaniel, please,” I beg. He shushes me.

After all, he doesn’t want to squish the baby. So he leans back on the headrest, and I waddle back onto his lap. There’s no belly between us.

Instead, he gets a great view of my ass as I sit down on him. Sometimes I like to twerk my ass a little bit, just so he can see my ass shake and bounce all over his lap.

Now, my tits are so big, he only needs to lean forward to put them in his mouth, even though he’s behind me. It just takes a little twist of my shoulders and chest, and he can reach up and suck all he wants. When he does, immediately, milk flows. Lightning sparks underneath my skin, down to my crotch as my left nipple begins to empty.

It’s like heaven. It feels great when a guy puts his mouth on my nipples and sucks my milk, draining me. There’s a relief I get as he pulls milk from my teat. But it doesn’t mean the end of my horniness.

And Another

So, I often find myself leaking around his dick while he sucks on me. My pussy pulsates and squeezes, trying to find release. Sometimes the baby even kicks while inside me, but not this morning. This morning, it’s just me being a slut on Nathaniel’s lap, trying to get all the cum from his balls. It’s hard work milking a shaft, but luckily, my slick pussy is up for the challenge. I probably come three or four times just from shaft-milking and teat playing alone.

I like to work him until he can’t take it anymore. Then, he forces me onto my hands and knees, one arm over my stomach as he slams deep inside me. The way he fucks me? You’d think he wanted to get me pregnant again. Sometimes he turns me over so he can watch my belly bounce, hands teasing my nipples while his eyes are zeroed in on my tummy. Maybe he’s thinking about his kid in there.

I never know; he never tells me. Instead, he empties himself inside me, falling to the side.

And then he goes and brings me my breakfast treat.

This Mother’s day, have some mommy phone sex with me!! I know you all want young mother sex!!

Young Mother Sex