When I phone fuck with Jason, he always asks me to put my phone down right next to my pussy so that he can hear its wetness.  I usually hold my phone next to my pussy and really finger myself hard.  As I do this, it makes me even more wet and it really sends him over the edge.  

He likes to chat after we cum together and I asked him to hold on while I slip my panties back on.  I reported that I was so wet, I was making a nice dark spot of pussy juice on the crotch of my panties.  

“Oh… you have to send me those panties.  Please! I’ll pay anything!”  He begged.  

Just to cream them up even more, I masturbated twice more that day, my hand rubbing my clit OVER the panties and when I orgasmed, I rubbed as much of my cum onto the crotch of my panties.  Then, I slept in them.

The next morning, I inspected my results.   The creamy cum had dried up and there were a couple of dried, almost crusty cum marks on the cotton crotch.  I took them off and held them up to my nose.  I smelled my lovely cunt scent.  I wrapped the panties up in an airtight plastic bag and mailed them to my horny Jason.

Over the next few days, I enjoyed receiving pictures of Jason posing with my panties.  He wore them under his suit at the office and he took a picture of himself with his slacks unzipped and I could see the lacey yellow panties, straining against his hard bulge.  

The next picture he took for me was of him sitting on his armchair with my panties over his head and pulled down over his face.  I loved that one.  Next, he sent a picture of my panties just hanging off the edge of his hard cock.  Then, a picture of my panties halfway stuffed into his mouth.  My favorite one was of my panties (looking exhausted) on his bed with a puddle of his cum on the cotton crotch.  Our fluids were finally intermingling.  

He told me he slept with my panties under his pillow every night.  First thing every morning, he would take them out and sniff them before getting out of bed.  I love that he has such a wonderful relationship with my lacey yellow undies!

You can have your own pair of Sabrina-scented, cum crusted panties.  Just ask!

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