We’ve all taken a road trip or gone on vacation. And how many of those times have we fucked on the trip? I got to go on a little vacation with a friend who I fuck a lot. I decided to say thank you by giving him a little flash of my tits.. maybe some road head. And it all started about an hour after we left my place. Hehe! I felt like he deserved it since he paid for my hotel and food. What’s a girl to do? 😉


Devin picked me up from my place. Grabbed all of my bags and put them all in his trunk. We decided to go to San Diego because I love the beach.. even in the winter. I was super excited since I had not been on a vacation in a long ass time. I couldn’t wait to be out of the house since I was going slightly stir-crazy. And he said he wanted to take a break from our town.

We listened to music and talked and laughed. And the whole time I couldn’t stop thinking about how sexy he looked. His long black was incredible and I couldn’t help but get really wet from looking his way. I wanted to thank him for this awesome trip. So, I said, “Hey. You.” And lifted my shirt, showing him my hard nipples. He smiled and leaned over, risking running off the road, to kiss me hard.  I smiled and started feeling hornier and tried to figure out how to repay him while he drove.

Then it hit me. Road head. Yes! I gave him road head plenty of times before. But it had been quite some time and it would cure my craving for cock. I got on my knees, faced him, and asked “How does a little.. road head sound?” He gave me a surprised look and laughed, “It sounds like you need to get your hot mouth over here!” So, I leaned into his lap, took out his meaty cock, and began to lick it. He swerved at first but then he was able to drive with one hand.. with his other on the back of my head. And I sucked away as all the other cars drove by.. never caring if someone saw us.

For some more road head stories call me up. I can tell you that I am the best fantasy phone sex slut! I want your cock and I want to gobble it up. 😉

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