Mark and I had dated for quite a long time. He was a good lover and usually open to most things. Only he never allowed me to touch his ass or anything under his sack. Ugh so fucking annoying. I hate a man who will be so shy and closed off from a new door of pleasures.

I bought a few toys for ass play in hopes one day he would agree. So one night we were fooling around and I got out the toys and just used one to touch the sensitive part of his cock. Rubbing it up and down the back of his cock. That little V being vibrated and teased. My tongue helped pull him into a stiffer position. I played with my boundaries, I started to push the toy right under his balls.

Mark stiffened for a moment and relaxed when I kept the toy at that one spot. I deep throated his cock slowly.  While he was relaxed and enjoying the sensations, I moved the toy lower…It glided over his asshole and back up to under his balls. I moved my mouth to his balls and rolled them in my mouth. I took the toy back to the head of his cock and jacked him off with it in my hand.

I pushed my tongue lower and finally found his asshole. I went to town sucking and licking. He was in such a state he didn’t even care. His head thrashed and he gripped the bed.  I pushed my finger inside his ass slowly. I saw him start to panic until I found his prostate. I rubbed it slowly and went back to licking his shaft.

I tossed the toy to the side and worked in and out. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he belted out a very loud groan. I took my mouth away and stroked him until he came. It was a geiser of cum. Copious amounts of white thick cum sprayed out of his cock and rolled over my hand.

Like a good girlfriend, I always cleaned him up with a nice warm tongue bath. He was hooked on ass play since that random night!

Every touch that asshole? Call me and let me guide you into a new realm of pleasure!



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