During college, I loved attending the home football games, especially with my boyfriend, Todd.  When the weather turned very cold, we’d always bring a blanket along and cuddle underneath it.  We typically sat in the very high seats so that we could kiss and feel each other up without being noticed and possibly tossed out of the stadium.  

One day, we were cuddling under the blanket as usual but Todd was feeling especially horny.  He kissed me and squeezed my tits then took my hand and smashed it against his cock.  He was wearing jeans with long underwear underneath so it was a bit hard to get a very satisfying grope of his cock.  

“Take it out.” he said.  

I laughed.  I was daring but I really didn’t want to risk being arrested for an indecent sex crime.  “Are you kidding?  No way.”  I replied.

“Come on, Sabrina, please?  Just take it out and stroke it a little.”  he glanced around.  There wasn’t anyone sitting anywhere close to us.  “We’re practically alone.”  

“You never know when security is going to show up.”  I said, pragmatically.  

“Those assholes are all inside.”  he said.  “It’s way too cold for them.”  

I looked around.  It was true, if there were any security guards around, I couldn’t see any.  Reluctantly, I reached under the blanket and started undoing Todd’s pants.  

“That’s my girl!” he exclaimed happily as he pulled the blanket higher.  I took his cock out, which was already rock hard, and started to stroke it.  I tried not to move my arm too much.  Todd leaned his head back and closed his eyes, slowly thrusting his hips up towards my fist, so that he was essentially fucking my hand.  I squeezed and twisted, knowing exactly how he likes it.  I started to get really into it and my pussy was getting wetter as I pulled harder.  

“Oh, fuck, I’m going to cum!” he hissed.  

In a flash, I tried to figure out where his cum should go.  Certainly not the blanket; it was mine and I planned on sleeping with it that night.  I glanced around for a cup but didn’t see one and besides, we were out of time.  I pointed his cock downward and formed a cup with my hand and caught his jizz as it shot into my hand.  

When Todd recovered, I carefully pulled my hand out from under the blanket.  I held it in front of his face as he zipped his jeans back up.  

“Toss it over there.”  he instructed, pointing at the ground next to me.

“What?  And waste it? No way.”  I said, smiling.

“You’re going to eat it?”  he asked.  “Fuck, baby.  That’s hot.”

“No, babe.  I’m not going to eat it.”  I held my hand next to his mouth.  “YOU’RE going to eat it.”  

It was easier to convince him than I thought.   All I had to do was inform him that he wasn’t going to get any pussy that night if he didn’t eat it.  I pushed his head into my hand and watched with delight as he slurped and licked all of his cum off my hand.  I made sure that he didn’t miss a drop.  It wasn’t his favorite meal of all time but it was worth it.  He got to fuck me after all.

Todd brought new meaning to the phrase “eating out of my hand.”

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