I did not expect to get hardcore pimped.

The guy I was fucking set me up to get hardcore pimped by the end of our night. It started with just the both of us at the beginning of the night. I was under the impression that the night would end with only the two of us as well, but I thought wrong. I knew that his friends wanted to fuck me. They all paid me the attention that I wanted. I mean, they did their fair share of staring, that is for sure. I thought most of them appeared cute enough, but I never expected to fuck all of them at once! The night began with a cute little dinner date between me and him. He cooked and even bought me some fancy wine. He told me to get all dressed up, so I did.

I had my hair done and everything. We ate dinner and began to build each other up with dirty talk and threats of fucking. I thought that he was acting unusually romantic for his normal personality. Normally, he just wanted to smoke pot, snack on the food in my fridge and then fuck.  This trying thing was quite out of character for him. He took a selfie of the two of us, which I later found out was sent to six of his friends as an invitation. I thought he was just trying to show me off. Well, I guess he was, in a way.

After we finished our dinner, we made out for a while and I didn’t have the slightest idea that I was about to get hardcore pimped.

He threw me over his shoulder and carried me to his couch. I laid flat on my back, but he picked me up and flipped me over so that my hips bent over the shoulder of the couch. My ass faced the doorway to his apartment, which provided me with a bit of excitement. He kept getting on his phone which I found rude as shit. But, nonetheless, he pulled down his pants and began to fuck me. He slid into my pussy and started to pump inside of me. Then, to my surprise, he picked up his phone again and texted someone. I asked him who the fuck held such importance that he felt the need to text while inside of me.

He replied that he texted “some friends.” At this point, I started to feel suspicious. What on earth was he doing? Was he really all that bored fucking me? My patience wore thin. Suddenly, I heard the doorknob jiggling. My heart pounded due to our positioning! Someone was going to catch us! The door opened and six big ass dudes burst into the room. I asked what the fuck, but I quickly realized when I saw them paying him. I think they each paid him two hundred bucks. When I saw this, I immediately began packing my shit up. They all surrounded me and they were much too large for me to even fight off one.

They grabbed my arms and held me down!

I tried to wriggle free but to no avail. They ripped off my dress and my panties. Each of them took turns fucking my holes airtight. It started with one fucking my throat, one fucking my pussy and one fucking my ass. The other three traded off holding me down and jerking their cocks off over my body. So many big, hard cocks everywhere. This was only the beginning! Just when my holes felt too raw to continue, Everyone switched and all my hole took cocks again! I felt so stretched and used! The three inside of my holes filled me with cum, dressed, and then left.

The next three fucked me all over again until each of them re-filled all of my holes. By the end, I dripped with cum! Even though getting hardcore pimped was quite a surprise, I secretly enjoyed it. I came so many times on so many cocks. What a way to spend my night! My pussy and ass leaked cum for days.

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