I am daddy’s little princess, so I never expected it when I received one of daddy’s hard beatings!

When I got one of daddy’s hard beatings, I was so scared! I got home from school and daddy was just waiting for me on the couch. He told me to sit down in a very stern voice, so I sat right in front of him. I was so nervous! What could I possibly have done to elicit that tone? My grades were all As. I never got in trouble at school. I asked him why he was mad at me in the sweetest little princess voice that I possessed. He asked me what I thought he was mad at me for. I had no idea, so that is what I told him. He dropped my phone on the coffee table. I knew I left it at home; good thing I hadn’t lost it!

I reached to grab it and he grabbed my wrist, pulled me forward and yanked the phone out of my hands. Tears sprung to my eyes and he stood up and shouted at me to sit down. When he released me, I sunk into my chair. He opened up my phone and pulled something up, then handed it to me. I took it hesitantly. I looked at what he pulled up and to my horror, he pulled up my gallery. There appeared the worst of the naughty pictures I had taken. It was a picture of my pussy, with me smiling, spreading my pussy lips. Shit. I felt so betrayed that he went through my phone! I shouted at him for going through my phone. How dare he! That is so invasive!

He smacked me in the face and then again on the back of my head.

I felt so embarrassed and scared. He then made me go into my messages and read out loud the dirty stuff that I had sent to three other guys. I had to read, “I want to feel your rock hard cock deep inside of me. You make me so wet! I want to cum all over your pulsing erection, and then I want you to pump me full of your warm and sticky cum. I will even take up the ass for you!” He re-stated that last part and asked what the fuck was wrong with me. I remained silent because I felt mortified and lacked words to say. Then, he smacked me again. I just began apologizing over and over again.

He asked if I thought what I did was okay, and when I hesitated he grabbed me by the shoulders, picked me up and slammed me against the wall. He shouted in my face that I was a little slut who would get what she deserves. Then he flipped me around and shoved my face up against the wall. I felt him tearing off my shirt from behind me. He unclipped my bra and began yanking my panties and shorts down. I panicked and tried to pull away, but he caught me by the hair and dragged me to the ground.  Then, he climbed on top of me and I heard his pants unzip. What was he doing! I tried to struggle, but I weighed far too little to make a difference.

Since my this was the first of my daddy’s hard beatings, I didn’t know what else he was capable of.

He just shoved my face into the floor shouting, “this is what you wanted!” I felt the warm skin of his cock press between my legs as he forced my legs apart with his knees. What was he doing?! I hadn’t ever actually been fucked before! Right when I tried to tell him I felt a tearing sensation between my legs and a deeply uncomfortable internal pressure. I felt him inside of me! I felt the pressure stretch further inside of me and then back out again. Oh god, it was moving, he was fucking me! I started to scream and he spanked me hard and yelled at me not to whine.

He started fucking me faster and harder, and right when I thought it was over because he pulled out, he shoved his hard cock up against the opening of my ass and leaned into me until it forced it’s way in. That hurt much more. I couldn’t bear it when he began fucking me. It felt like my insides were being scrambled and pulled out! This is what anal felt like? Finally, I felt the pain subside, and I realized that he came. I felt his seed leak out of me as he pulled out. He left me there in a heap on the floor. How humiliating! I couldn’t believe the first of my daddy’s hard beatings and how he raped me.

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