Daddy made me his rape accomplice when I was super young.

That way as his rape accomplice, I could recruit other little girls my age, and they would trust me! Some of them may have been taught to avoid talking to older men online but talking to a sweet little girl like me who was trying to be their friend, that was safe. Daddy used just to fuck my pussy when I was younger, but as soon as I grew old enough to understand, daddy taught me how to work for him. He decided that he could have several little girls at his disposal instead of just one aging one. And he would have the best access to them, me! He taught me how to get on skype and other personal/ instant messenger sites and find bored or lonely little girls. I was to see something in common with them and become friends with them.

Once they grew to trust me, I would suggest that we meet up for a slumber party and that my daddy could pick them up.  We would meet them outside of the driveway and make an excuse like our car wouldn’t fit in the driveway or something if their parents were home. I would hop out, and my daddy would help them into the truck and lock the doors with the locks carved out in case they decided to change their minds. Once we arrived at the house, I always said something like, “come look at my pink barbie room” to make them hooked and guide them inside. If they were questioning and decided to throw a fit, daddy would throw them over his shoulder and carry them inside kicking and screaming.

We lived far enough away that nosey neighbors couldn’t hear ANYTHING!

Once they were inside, daddy would give them a cake or something and make them fall asleep. They would wake up tied hands and legs apart on my princess bed. We went after this particular little blonde cutie. She was entirely willing all up until she woke tied to my bed. We had to gag her, she screamed so much. She squirmed around so much that I struggled to hold her down so he could force his cock in. Finally, daddy found the hole and shoved right into her. She wailed! Then he pumped and pumped inside of her until she sounded like would hyperventilate. He pulled out, and she just lay slumped there in a heap of sobs. He told me to open my mouth for my treat! I sat crisscross applesauce on the edge of my bed with my mouth wide open.

I waited for my yummy surprise until I watched it squirting out of his cock! Then I felt that warm sticky load spray onto my tongue, and I gleefully swallowed. The girl sill wept hysterically. I was so happy to please my daddy! We locked her in the room for the night. Daddy would give her away in a month or so, once he finished. Then I would get to be his little rape accomplice again!

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rape accomplice